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March 04, 2010


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I think that today is going to be that day for me. Especially since Monkey decided to wake up and stay awake at 3:45am. No patience today! Ugh!

We all have those days we when we want a do-over by 8am. Few of us are brave enough to write about them. Thanks.

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I love this post, it is making me follow you, and add you to my blogroll, because you just described a few of my days.
I told my friend the other day that I never knew there would be a day when I actually WANTED to flink my child in the back of the head and had to restrain myself because I was so angry at him I could swear he wasn't actually my son...and then he looked at me and said he was sorry he made me so angry at him and..get this....HE LOVED ME ANYWAY!!!
little buggers

I struggle with this - stopping the cycle. When the moment is chaos, its hard for me to delve into the depths of my brain to remember what my Dad told me a few times over the years, "Walk tall, carry a big stick ... and don't be an asshole."

I need to take a page from my kid sometimes - who, unbelievably, has bad days too. Its OK to not make your bed on time, leave your half-eaten crap on coffee table and go outside in your pj's...at noon. You can get dressed later.

Sounds a bit like "If You Give a Pig a Pancake."

There is a rule in my house about bedtime (after 12+ years of nightly interruptions):

No Disturbing Mom Unless

Red, as in blood and it must be gushing,

White, as in bone and it has to be visible,

Blue, as in you are choking. Check the mirror first to make sure you're blue

Mean mommy Jill :)

Yup. But remember how awesome you are? Bad days are ok. They're par for the course. I"m learning that. Slowly but surely. I'm learning that.

Oh good lord. I've had a whole week like that. Trying hard to make it better.

I'm desperately hoping that none of my kids will remember any of my pregnancies. This describes just about every single day. Ugh.

When my kid was 8 I accused her of faking a stomach ache for a couple days. Acute Appendicitis. She's 25 now. I'm almost over the guilt.

You need to tape this post in his baby book so that one day, when you're old and living in his basement and he wants to examine your eye to see whether he needs to schedule your cataract surgery and you refuse to cooperate, he can know just how you feel. (And maybe share his eye patch.)

We should start a club or something.


Nothing shortens my temper more than trying to get out of bedtime with "urgent" requests. Nothing.
We all have those days, and I'll admit, I'm glad I have work to sometimes reset my day before I have to go home and deal with the kid again. At least working outside the home is good for something. ;)

My hot water-heater took a crap in the middle of the night and I had to bathe out of a bucket at 5:30am can i do over that early???

I think that today is going to be that day for me. Especially since Monkey decided to wake up and stay awake at 3:45am. No patience today! Ugh!

BAHAHAHAAA! Blood, vomit or explosive poo. That made me laugh out loud but it's a good guideline.

Also: I HAVE an eye patch, you know. I totally have one. (Don't ask me why I kept THAT souvenir from the hospital but I DID.) I'll ship it USPS with that frigging BUTTON BRACELET.)

Unrelated: One time, I left a comment here from 'Vera Wang' (being a douche) and your site REMEMBERS and EVERY TIME I go to leave a comment, I have to make sure that it's not from Vera Wang. That's some serious payback. lol.

We all have those days we when we want a do-over by 8am. Few of us are brave enough to write about them. Thanks.

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