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February 04, 2010


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First congratulations to your little girl and how adorable she is. Oh my gosh she looks so proud of herself and for good reason. I know what you mean about being caught offguard on the spelling bee, I just found out this week my daughter made it in it. She goes on the 17th. Congrats again to you and your daughter. (yep no more spelling ICE CREAM)

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Yay for Quinlan! And man, that picture is damned cute.

I am very delighted to see a fresh face for the technology generation who appreciaes spelling. I showed my daughter old fashioned phonetic spelling videos when she was 2. That was 16 years ago. She held honor roll every year, gtaduated and turned her part-time high school job into a management position.

It does not matter how you educate your children...just do it in the way you are most comfortable. They will understand your being comfortable with the "media" as an understood assurance that this is something good to understand.

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She is the most adorable child I've ever seen -- after PunditGirl, of course! :)

So adorable! Yay for Quinlan!!!

And, yes, English is a stupid language, something my mother has said her whole life as she's learned it.

Look at that beautiful girl with the great big brain!

Congrats, Q!

Okay, let's not forget the fact that she is only in KINDERGARTEN. Now we know who we can turn the keys to the kingdom over to in a few years.

You go Q! Auntie Liz is extraordinarily proud.

The teachers at my children's school won't let me miss a beat. They send notes home, they email me, they catch me when I'm picking up the kids...the fact that your daughter took the initiative to get into and win something on her own is AWESOME, so congrats on the parenting that made her feel good enough to do that!!

Awesome. Congrats Quinlan!

So now, when she comes home with that nose piercing, who cares?? She got third in the spelling bee! Congrats to her (and you).

Smart and beautiful, just like her mama. Congrats to you both.

Congratulations to Quinlan! That's awesome! My oldest learned to spell very early. We had to resort to saying words backwards that we didn't want him to know.

That changes many conversations!

Woot! That's so cool.

I'm definitely having to be careful what I write if I don't want the little dude to figure it out. Scribbly cursive is still my friend.

from one spelling bee champ to the next generation i say congratulations, Quinlan! That proud smile says it all!

My parent's did the creative speaking and euphamism thing until a situation precisely as 'my kids mom' describes it! except they'd called it 'frozen dairy confection' .

I've used it too, though it took my husband a while to catch on to the style when he came along in the middle as a step-parent. We already use it with out 32 month old, when we don't want him to understand. We'd spell, but I have an issue with being unable to remember the first few letters by the time the last few are said. I'm sure that would be an LD these days, but I've gotten along in life nonetheless.

I'll have to try the pig latin suggestion...my 5 year old knows how to spell all the curse words.

Kristen, she is so freakin' cute!!

Congratulations to Q and Mommy! Be proud! Yes, I am constantly amazed at a child's brilliance and ability to process an amazing amount of information. Guess we're doing something right in setting life's groundwork. Yet another milestone. Enjoy because, indeed, the time passes too quickly. Again, felicidades!

aaww conrats!! And now may I add I will never forget the time I turned to my husband and replied, to his snorting laughter over me tripping over my own feet, "F-U-C-K Y-O-U" and heard a little angelic voice sound out from the hall "ffffffffuuuuuuuuu......fffuuuuuucccccccccccc.........." Yes that was my 6 year old daughter, sounding out what mommy had said. Luckily she got it wrong and I stopped spelling and instead just started flipping him off beside my body where the kids couldn't see. Because of course I couldn't stop all together where would the fun be in that?

Yes, it sucks not being able to sit at the dinner table and smile lovingly while you tell your husband that the girl at work is a b-i-t-c-h or to stop being an a-s-s. *sigh*

Good job to your little girl on the Spelling Bee! They grow up to fast. (my oldest is in 1st grade)

She's adorable!

Texting. My husband and I started texting each other, when spelling words no longer worked. It's funny to text your husband when he's standing next to you in the kitchen. Or it was...anyway.

She's adorable.

So cute! Congratulations! Sounds like another writer in the making :)

She is so adorable and (yay!) a kickass speller. Take that evil kindergarten teacher!

@patois - THANK YOU! Completely forgot about that.


I have a kindergartener too. Looks like we are in the wrong school system, because the kindergarteners don't have a spelling bee.....or at least one that I'm aware of.

Sucks when they're smart, doesn't it?

Awww! Good for her! I don't think that I can spell certain things now and mine is 20 months. I was talking to the huz the othe day on the phone and said that it was time for her N-A-P and she started crying! Ugh! Why do they have to grow up so fast?

Way to go Quinlan!!!

You should be able to get away with Pig Latin for about two years.

I am so happy for you guys. I know you are super proud of her. I can't wait for Lael to have a spelling bee. Last week she got 100% on her weekly spelling test (including the bonus words) and I cried. I would lose it if she came in 3rd in a spelling bee! Go Quinlan!!

Way to go, Quilnlan!

And yeah, Graham reads now and it's a whole new world. We're getting good at "creative speaking".

We try to use euphemisms as much as possible. I speak French, but my husband isn't strong enough with his to always get it, so we get creative. "Do you think that post repast we should look for below zero confections?" And soon, they will expand their vocabulary and turn to us and say, "Yeah ice cream!"

When my oldest repeated the letters and then said, oh you mean ____. I thought how in the world are my husband and I going to be able to talk above them??? Then it came to us....backwards spelling. It takes some getting used to and a whole lot of concentration, but we use it alot. The 10yr old sometimes figures it out, but we just tell her to hush her mouth and not ruin the surprise!

Congratulations Quinlan!

And, yes, I'm afraid that phase of your life is past. It could be worse though. My daughter (nearly 16 now) doesn't even need a hint know what is going on. Example, 'Let's go to ***.' 'Why, are you buying me a signet ring?' And we had not discussed it anywhere near her even being in the same house! Starts talking about what I'm about to say to her. I swear I don't know how she does it. My response: 'Get out of my head!' :)

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