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February 08, 2010


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soon enough, Margot will identify her sisterhood with Quinlin, then brother in the middle better watch his back.

OMG! How cute! I wish Monkey would start talking so I knew what was going in in that little mischevious mind of hers. Especially when she looks at me with one eyebrow raised and a half smile while doing something she knows she shouldn't.

Mine can find anything he wants, do anything he wants and manage to look completely innocent while doing it. He also still wakes up at least twice a night. At 16.5 months.

Somehow I still tell people he's easier. Maybe the third kid also takes away memory?

An eeeevil little MASTERMIND.

She already knows the power of the "uh-oh"-with-a-smile combo. This will serve her well all her life! =>

My 4 year old daughter has learned to say "ooh laa laa" anytime she sees a bra or half naked woman from her 3 older brothers. Oh, & she can hold her own, I fear for any boy who tries to mess with her!

Haha this made me laugh. My third child was a daughter and she was tougher than either of her older brothers.. She once kicked one brother in the jaw when she was about 5 and abscessed his tooth.. honestly I am surprised they all lived. :)but they did and now they are 18,20 and 22.

I've always referred to my first as my angel, and my second as my comeuppance.

My little brother (the youngest of three) was definitely the most devious and unruly kid in the house. And my little sister (the middle child) definitely encouraged him by teaching him to lie, curse and throw things, only to be shocked time and again when he exceeded her example in every way.

Of course, I, the oldest sibling, was an absolute saint who never, ever did anything wrong ;)

Yup, Children of Nihm, they are these third babies. FInley leaves me speechless, sometimes with pride other times with begrudging admiration of her freaking ballsiness.

lol! she sounds very smart! :) I think you nailed it on the head. ;)

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