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February 10, 2010


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I hope the snow clears up soon for you guys.

The northeast is having a really tough time right now with the snow. Spring is almost here though and the birds will be chirping again before you know it.

"Empathy time..." perfect description of it. My husband had some of that last weekend with our girls. Would it be sharing too much if I said I was hoping he might encounter a horrid temper tantrum, a 4 a.m. wake-up call and an exploding diaper?

Guess the BIL and SIL would rather fly the unfriendly skies. And are single-handedly making it happen. Yeesh.

He must always use these powers for good, and never for evil.

as long as your darling god/hubs creates perfect weather (not too hot, no too cold) for the Tiarathon i am okay with what he does.
enjoy being stranded in Boston with Christine!

Tell your husband to put an end to the snow, please. Ya know, if he really does have those powers.

Glad to hear your book tour is going well. Your book is next on my list of books to read, and I received it from Amazon just a couple weeks ago. Squee!

Your husband should drop them off at a hotel. Ha.

I'd say, you ended up being gone on a great day.

Hey, when are you going to come to Denver?


If he is in charge of ALL weather, can I put in a request for warmer weather, RIGHT NOW, in Florida, but cooler weather this summer?

I'm nothing if not hopeful.

Now that just made my day. Hil-freakin'-larious. E-bay is so 2008. Enjoy the mini-vacay!

I have the same question as Amy above, both out of curiosity and for pragmatic reasons. Do your inlaws not google or use the intertubes much at all?

With your book out and your TV appearances, how do you manage to keep your blog a secret from your in-laws?

Perhaps you can ask D to turn up the heat here. It's cold and if he's in control of all things weather, maybe he can do something here as well. I'm freakin' freezing and am ready for spring already.

Gah. That's about all I can say in regards to that. You should do a book signing in DC. You are guaranteed to be snowed in again. And again.

I'm still all excited about your awesome event last night! Oh, and admittedly envious that you're holed up with Christine (and a pan of brownies, I'd imagine).

well if that is the case and HE is the person is responsible for the weather...I would like to put in an order for warmer weather in Cali too.

Please say he's responsible for ALL weather and not just the weather there....

Damn. Have fun. Doesn't sound like you're missing much, but uh, hey let me know about the diaper thing got one on the way ya know and that may come in handy.

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