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January 25, 2010


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Three? Is it even possible? Holy cow. I've got "Cat's in the Cradle" going through my head now.

Give that beautiful boy huge kisses from me and his favorite New York girls.

Precious post...I have two boys and it is amazing how I have changed as a woman because I have boys. I.E. I never knew how fun it would be to set up a hot wheels track in my living room:) As I watch the Bachelor!

Wow! This was beautiful! Happy Birthday to your little man!

Wow, how can he be 3? I was reading you before he was born!

A very Happy Birthday Drew!

Aside - I think my older son (now 21, named Andrew) was about 14 when he successfully picked me up. He was thrilled with his accomplishment, and I was screaming "omg put me down you're gonna get a herniaaaaaa!". Good times.

I'm going to have to say that's one of your best posts, really :) And Happy Birthday Drew. I can't believe he's 3 already!

GAH!!! Tears .. what a great post. I, too, have a special love affair (not like THAT, DFCS) with my little boy. Happy Birthday to baby boy!

It goes so fast. Three? Jeepers.

Happy Birthday, Drew!

Happy Birthday Drew! You are lucky to have such a wonderful family to love and cherish you, especially that Mommy of yours.

I never really believed the hype about the mother-son bond... then I had a son.

My husband calls him "the other man"

Happy birthday to your sweet little guy!

Happy birthday, Drew.

there is something amazing and sweet about the relationship a mother and son shares. i treasure mine.
happy birthday, Mr. Drew!

Aww! So sweet! Happy Birthday to you both!
You never know when knowing the difference between a fire engine and the ladder truck may come in handy, and there is certainly nothing wrong with a son thinking the world of his fabulous mom!

Sweet. Happy Birthday to Drew! Little boys get better and better----I fell asleep next to D tonight with his hands touching my cheeks. It's wonderful.

Happy Birthday little boy!

Mine says he will carry me someday, too.

That is a very sweet post!
Happy Birthday, buddy!!!

I often wonder if my son will one day be that much bigger than me.

What a great post in honor of your little man! Happy birthday to him (and to you).

That was a really sweet post.

Oh, I adore this post. Three years old? Sheesh.

Boys are awesome, huh? My baby just turned 16 & has outgrown me by about 100 lbs. and a couple feet. He wants to take care of me now, and it makes me happy and sad at the same time. I miss that little boy, but my heart can't get any bigger when I look at the man he's become!

Aww! Happy 3rd lil' man! What a sweet post! I feel exactly the same way about my boys - middle and baby - they have made me want to be a better person. The girl does as well, however it's not as much a struggle with her. I'm sure you understand. Enjoy 3! It's such a wonderful age. :)

What a great post!
Happy Birthday to your little man!!

So true about the 3, 13, 23. I have a feeling it will go by just that fast as well.

So glad I found your blog today in my travels.
Love it, love it, love it!
What a great site. I look forward to following along ;)

Happy Birthday to your son! My son turned 3 on Friday and it's already more interesting than 2. I also know more about trucks than I ever thought I would!

Happy Birthday, Drew!

He sounds like an amazing little guy. How could you resist the kisses? I sure can't!

That's lovely. I have two boys, but when my oldest (just turned five) sneaks out of bed so he can "check on me" and make sure I'm okay, I should get mad but I let him come snuggle with me for a few more minutes. Happy birthday big guy.

Awww. I love my little buddy, too. The one who wants me to smell his armpit right after he gets out of the shower, asks me to "cheers noses, Mommy," comes up with a wide range of sound effects for his car play, and who every day makes me crazy and overjoyed at the same time.

Happy B-day little guy!

I was just thinking that last night, while TLNG was trying to keep me in her room with extra 'I love yous!' and 'Kisses!'

Pretty soon, she's going to be too old and too cool for that stuff, so I shouldn't be in such a rush to get it over with already.

I am crying like a crazy woman over here. I love when we write posts like this about our children. Freaking A why did no one warn us about this motherhood love.

Happy Birthday to your lil man.

How sweet! Happy Birthday to your baby boy. :)

Congratulations on stifling the wolf mommy with a three year old around. My stuck -in-the middle is a precocious and charming and EXASPERATING 3 yo, too. I wish I could say that I got through our timeout routine mostly without yelling :(.

Such a sweet, loving post!! Happy third birthday to your boy.

Awww. What a beautiful post. And a very Happy Birthday to your special little guy.

What a sweet, sweet birthday post! Happy Birthday Drew!

Oh, Kristen beautiful!

How sweet! Happy Birthday to your little boy and yes I know all too well about them growing up to fast. 4 kids, 3 oldest boys and my oldest son will be 15 in March. I am still scratching my head wondering how the heck that happened so fast!!
Enjoy him and don't let your hubby make you feel like there is anything wrong with doting on him! He will be a better man, husband and father someday because of the love you give him today :)

Happy Birthday to Drew!

He's the first baby I asked to hold when I realized at BlogHer 07 that I was ready for baby 2. Got pregnant the following week. ;)

I can't believe he's already 3.

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