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January 07, 2010


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Oh, you know what THIS means, right?

Just better keep those pregnancy tests warm, is all I'm saying.

Aww...I can barely remember those days. These days, I'm desperately trying to hang onto Kindergarten.

Lucky you :)

Having had twins, I have to say that there is almost NOTHING I missed from the first year -- not the bottles, the diapers, the crawling, the nursing, nothing. It was all so overwhelming and impossible to witness peacefully in the moment. THAT'S what I feel sad about sometimes. That there was no way in hell I could stop long enough to enjoy that period... And then I look at videos and pictures that I took, that I narrated (now I'm tearing up), and it seems like I DID take some time. I DID notice. Why can't I remember that? Why is my memory so tainted with all the overwhelmingly hard stuff? It's almost like post-traumatic stress disorder. That makes me a bit sad... Having said that, NOTHING beats having the boys together right now, at the same age, and I'm definitely more present and appreciative of all their little gains (and the little losses) now.

Congrats on another milestone! Wow... I remember when Margot was born like, what? YESTERDAY?!

So true, so true: "Yeah, it's so adorable, when it's not your kid. In your ear. All the time."

She's WALKING? Holy Hannah.

There's not a ton that I miss about the baby stage, but crawling babies are pretty stinking adorable.

Go Margot!

E took 5 steps unassisted last the weekend after Christmas, since then she's gone back to crawling/scooting mostly (it's much faster you know!) and I am going to make sure I get her funny little scoot on video before she's walking all the time... she turned 1 yesterday... I miss all the cuddling too! She's becoming Little Miss Independent, and I don't think I'm ready for that yet!!

I feel the same way. Four, who has been walking all over the place (and running, OMGZ) crawled under me while I was doing pushups the other day and I was hit HARD with the realization that I won't have another wiggling little crawling diapered bum in my house again. At least, not until I have grandkids.

I felt this way right before Lucy's first birthday in November. The cuddles were getting few and far between. I kept saying, "My last one..." Sure.

God I miss crawling. It was seriously the cutest part of baby-dome. But I have to just say this out loud...MARGO IS WALKING?

Not even I am ready for that. Who will I cuddle in New York this summer?

Yeah, I said the same thing last time Bop wet his pants. Well, ok, not really. But seriously we get so excited about so many of these transitions that we forget how awesome it was the way they were. Amen for taking a minute to think, and say, that some things will be missed. (((hugs)))

One day the time will come when I will pack away the last few baby bottles, onsies, and diapers, but for now I have about 2 to 3 more kiddos to incubate, sqweeze out, and keep alive.

But congrats on a new stage in life and to Margot for walking!

It seems like it happens faster the last time. I packed away the last bottle the other day. Made me a little weepy.

I'm in the same boat. The sadness of everything I'll never witness/experience again paired with the relief of everything I'll never witness/experience again. It's weird. And all-consuming.

And those moments? Those sweet, sweet moments that make you think, "Hmm... maybe?" Those are why man (or woman?) invented the IUD.


Those damn maternal yearnings. They'll get you every time.

What Liz said...along with one caveat...the transitioning never ends; so, there's that!

My littlest started Big Kid preschool on Tuesday.

I almost cried. He's not a toddler anymore - he's becoming much more complex in his thinking, talking, and overall abilities.

My little buddy who came with me everywhere without complaining and snuggled up to me for nap time is gone, too. (The naps died a few months ago. I'd like to take a moment to observe a moment of silence for the dearly departed nap.....)

And I will most definitely miss the time that just passed me by.

I have been listening to Daruis Ruckers Your Gonna Miss This a lot lately. If you have not heard the song you better open up itunes today. It is such a good song. Speaking of which, I am doing my first giveaway which includes an itunes card!

Wait until the kids move away and get married...

How sweet : ) I remember those days.

Oh the sweetness. The sweetness and sadness and melancholy of transitioning from one stage to another.

Congrats on the walking. Now go lock up the cookies.

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