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December 28, 2009


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What an experience to end your 2009!

Tracy, Status Now

So did he keep the vasectomy consultation appointment?

i have to wear a pad when doing jumping jacks and i have a prego test in my purse. i'm with ya, sister. :)

Kegel...kegel...Just remember ladies...if you learn to do K's good enough...your man might just get jealous at your ability to get HOOOOOOT without him :)

HA! I was TOTALLY kegeling while I read!

Ah, peeing in your pants. Yet another pleasant physical manifestation of child-growing...I'm so glad things turned out all right!

Oh I was cracking up and immediately thought oh she talked about having lots of sex a couple of posts back. Tell your husband you'll take care of him for a week following the way he took care of you when you were pregnant and for the first month postpartum and see where that gets you. Hope his fix goes well!

Holy. Shit.

Kegels don't seem to help nearly as much as just wearing a pad when I exercise. A thick one. Damn Jillian and her jumping jacks.

fairly odd mother: your Kegel alarm clock idea is brilliant! Perhaps I'll make a ringtone for my phone that says Kegel.

I was hoping you would share in our misery...I mean, delight.

lolol, I know you would have managed either way, with your sanity maybe not so intact. BUT at least it was an advnture, right?

DUDE. Kegels for sure. Sigh. I swear it was the third baby that killed my bladder. I was fine before his 8.6 pound self was late.

in th eglove box? even I dont do that!

Holy shite. What a fright.

Gah! Been there, but after vasectomy, the pee stick came up positive...and guess what, it was a pregnancies. So vasectomies not always full proof. As for my last little guy who has been loved from the day we found out, he was over 10 lbs and completely destroyed me. I pee when you look at me funny no matter how many kegels I do.


He was worth it though.


Do we live the same life? Geez. Not only does Lucy say, "Uh-Oh" as her first word too but we had the SAME THING happen on Christmas day. Wow.

you would've been the 4th person to say you were pregnant this Christmas... had you actually been pregnant. Congrats on the false positive! I'm sure you're relieved.. Hope your hubby survives his surgery... at least a little painlessly.. Still trying to get mine to go in...

I wanna know what's in the glove box too. lol

What else you got in that glove box? Hell, I'm intrigued now...

What a scary beginning to a post. Hope you are kegeling right now.

Happy Kegeling, congrats on the false positive, and good luck with hubs' procedure :) If it makes him feel better, throw him a "going away party" for his "guys" ;)

I always have to pee because I drink a lot of water. Kegels are our friends!

I didn't even have a vaginal birth and whenever I do jumping jacks, I feel like my uterus is going to fall out of my vagina. Guess I should do some kegels.

Congrats on not being pregnant?

After 4 pregnancy's (and 10,000 kegals!) I still feel like I need to pee when I run! Pregnancy never would have crossed my mind, old age on the other hand!! LOL
Congrats on NOT being pregnant, enjoy some drinks on New Years Eve! :)

Whew! My heart nearly stopped when I read this as well (same as Fairly Odd Mother). I hope the surgery goes well.

My heart almost stopped reading this. And you know that every single woman reading this will be Kegeling by the end. I can't even hear the word without doing them b/c I never remember to do them otherwise. My alarm clock should wake me up with that word.

Hope your husband has a pleasant surgery!

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