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December 07, 2009


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The Diva Cup is one of the BEST inventions of all time. I have told everyone I know about it. I LOVE mine and will never go back to tampons- ever! In fact tampons are way way messier than this cup. I think it is so sad that most women don't even know they are out there. I feel like I was ripped off all those years of tampons...the money and the trash

Don't take my word for it 373 reviews on amazon nearly all 5 star!!


I had a desire to start my organization, nevertheless I did not have enough of money to do it. Thank goodness my dude recommended to utilize the loans. Hence I used the college loan and realized my desire.

Ew. And Ew. And I should so be over it, but EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWW!

You really do need to go into some sort of broadcasting/newsy/CNN-y/video-podcast-y/The Onion-y thing. You're HYSTERICAL and so natural on camera...

I actually really like my Diva cup. There is a definite learning curve to using it but I really do like mine.

This video though? Really funny!

ick. anything that has the potential to make my bathroom look like a crime scene is a definite NO.

Thank you! Hilarious!

I love you for that.

So true. As soon as I heard of this "device" I thought, "No fucking way." You've reaffirmed my decision. Hilariously.

Gah. Well, thanks for letting me know about another option. It's always nice to be able to RULE THINGS COMPLETELY OUT.

I'll be a non Diva and stick to the depo shot. For me it eliminates the need for any of those products.

Your commercial, hilarious!

So after watching your video and asking myself what on earth you were talking about, I Googled "diva cup." Omigod, the thing really exists. AND they're doing a video contest that invites submissions of videos in which users proclaim their love for the thing. After your video, I can't look at that website and take them seriously. The site even points out that using the diva cup is environmentally friendly, just like bringing a canvas bag to your grocery store. I can't decide if that comparison is hilarious or disgusting...

I'm going for the reconstructive surgery. Even the Diva cup doesn't work for me anymore with all my bits falling out. ughh

I think I peed myself a little. You are HILARIOUS!

When it comes time for my husband and I to decide whether or not to have a third child, that video will definitely be part of our conversation.

Diva cup rocks and you are f-ing funny lady.

I'm so glad to be a guy.

[blank stare]

Girl, you crack me up.

I think I'll hold onto my non-Diva status though.

Hold on a minute. I just got over my squeamishness and moved to OB tampons. It'll be a while before I can become a Diva.

(and I covet your bangs btw)

I think perhaps I'm not a diva.

Is it just me, or were there CUE CARDS there?

That is some SERIOUSLY PROFESSIONAL production, sister.

I was waiting for the part where you do shots...

Ha- I've used "The Keeper" for several years now and, so, well, I totally know what you mean.


I'll just stay with what I do now, Thanks!


That was too funny...I think I'm just going to stick with tampons. I'm not sure how you can pull out a cup of blood without it getting everywhere...

Um, that wasn't quite what I meant when I told you to "be all the diva you can be!" LOL

OMG that was the best video ever!

Um. Ew.

I'll just buy those extra super tampons.

I very nearly just sprayed my keyboard with OJ. Thanks for the laugh first thing in the morning!

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