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November 18, 2009


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My little guy says uh oh all the time too. Trying to teach him the difference between accidental droppage, and on purpose now. We've learned to accept that uh-oh is more of a warning that something is about to be thrown. He sometimes says "uh-oh, oh shit." At least he cusses in proper context.

Love "uh oh". Except now Oliver throws things and announces "uh oh!" even though I've told him repeatedly that doesn't count.

"uh oh" was my first phrase, as well. Not Mama, but "uh oh". I've had to use it more often since, as well.

(Though it gets replaced by shit pretty often.)


Too cute! She's just morphing into a real walking, talking toddler overnight. She's definitely gonna keep you on your toes.


My oldest LOVED that phrase. And it never sounds cuter than when it's said in a baby's voice.

First, you'll need to grab a copy of the song "Uh Oh" by Johnny the K.

Next: "Uh oh" is infintely better than "cock," my daughter's third word. (Really, we don't throw around that word at home. Honestly. Not sure where she got it.) While "uh oh" is two nice, distinct syllables, "cock" just doesn't sound any better when drawn out to "coooooooooooooooooooock."


That was one of my daughter's first words as well! Although she did say dada before that at a VERY young age. Mommy came long afterwards. Oh well.

Aww....that was too precious!

Those are like the best first words I've ever heard (of).

That's so cute! What a great first word(s)!

So cute :) I loved with Tess started the uh-oh, until the intentional dinner uh-oh droppings started. She then discoverd the power she now holds over the dog. Uh-ooooh.

So cute. My daughter's Uh Oh was quickly followed by "Me, too." Now, she imitates her brother's "ummm..." as in, "What story do you want tonight?" "Ummmmm...."

Enjoy. Soon there will be verbal diarrhea.

My shoulders shrugged as my grin grew reading this!

I dunno, but this put a smile on my face BIG TIME!

That was Nate's first words too! OH so cute!! He would pause forever between, which was the cutest...Uh..........................Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Awww, baby firsts are so sweet!

So sweet =)

The little ones have more control over us than we like to admit.

What a sweet story. Now comes the fun part when she starts dropping everything on purpose!

I love the "uh oh!" Courtney also says, "HEY!" Cracks me up.

"Uh oh" were my daughter's first words, too! So cute! And yes, it started a pattern of dropping everything, including food, for months and months. But still, very exciting!

Those were Maggie's first words! I was so thrilled that I did the same thing - forced situations to make her say it. It was cute until she started dropping EVERYTHING from her high chair etc. to say it over and over again!

Smiling, thinking about my babies saying Uh Oh - 14 years ago

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