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November 27, 2009


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you made me laugh. Thank-you. my little guy is 2 and 9 months, hes the youngest of 3 the oldest is 15 ad a sister who is 11. Its so funny how every month is a new suprise lol !

Watch out for three. Holy hell. I cannot wait to get out of the three's. I'm already dreading Lucy turning three as she is tougher, more daring and crazy than Reagan, who is mercifully (I hope!) almost four. Geez.... the whining....the tantrums.

We found reducing the sugar and less tv, more outdoor playing has helped. Good luck! I know it is so trying and exhausting.

It's like the name of your blog!

Someone told me, "The terrible 2's are shit, it's the 1-5's." I am just trying not to say things I'll regret.

Three was the worst thing to ever happen to me. Twice. Sorry. BUT I now have the hindsight to see that the torture I put myself through- when I was consistent and sometimes suffered for it- was all worth it. Now they're 5 & 8 and I'm reaping the rewards.

i have 2 kids, daugher 2.5 and boy almost 4. Son used to be a terrible 2 but things got better after he turned 3.5. Be patient and good luck.

unfortunately, I agree that THREE is not fun at all, in fact I would even go so far as to say I hate three. My little boy turns FOUR on Monday - and I am hoping for a magical transformation on Sunday night.

Terrible twos...trying threes...f***ing fours. Fours were the worst!!! Finally the fives and son #1 has calmed down a little bit. Good luck. I feel your pain- my second son is now four and has entered dangerous territory- for him and me!

All I can tell you is that it will pass. I have three boys, 9, 7 and almost 5, and a flyaway pilot husband. I feel a certain amount of your pain. Set up a babysitting co-op with some of your friends so that everyone gets a chance for an hour or two of alone time now and then. Playgroups, gym classes, swimming lessons or some kind of sport or something to burn off some of that 3 year old boy energy. Preschool or mom's morning out type of activity. As much time as outside as you can...playground, park, bike, trampoline in the backyard, whatever. You cannot reason with a three year old, so run him ragged the best you can. It really will pass.

The only thing worse than a 2 year old is a 3 year old. My condolences.

Here's what I know, with having 4 kids (3 boys) the more you can get that boy outside to burn off the energy the better. There is just something about letting them wander around the backyard throwing sticks and picking at mud that makes them happy. If you have a fenced in yard and can open the door and free him for whatever amount of time (safely of course) do it!! Even if it's chilly, just bundle him up and let him go!!!

I'd like to keep hope alive, but that's exactly why I call them the MoFo 3's. 3 with my two boys was worse than any other age so far (0-8).

I never had it quite that bad, but my 3 1/2-year-old daughter seems to hit a rough patch every six months or so during which I question my decision to breed. Just when I think I might have to run away from home, it's over and she's sweet again. Here's hoping you're just in the midst of truly unfortunate phase!

Me and the 2 year old have arguments as though she's a 32 year old woman. She doesn't have tantrums, and sadly I think she wins the arguments. Followed by a diva run down the hallway and a door slam.

So precious.

Sadly, that would be, but keep hope alive.

So lucky the room-sharing worked out for you.

For me, 3 has been waaay better than 2. But you know, after the year I had last year, I really don't think it could get much worse. The only thing that seemed to work was one on one time, which HI, almost impossible when you have 3 kids and a husband who works more hours than should be allowed - I think you know where I'm coming from ;)

Mom of two boys here. 3 was way worse than 2. And age 4 made both of those years look like a breeze. It got better around 5 1/2 so brace yourself as it appears he is nearing those terrible 3's. Find some sort of pre-school program for him...that's how I recharged my batteries a few hours per week, AND survived the insanity.

@julieMommySaidWhat - The room sharing is fine, although he goes to sleep quicker at nap time when he's alone and doesn't have a sister to bug. But that's really not the major problem.

And yes, sadly THREE was way worse for Quinlan. But she was a pretty easy 2 year old. So, I was hoping that maybe I'd get a break since 2 has nearly taken me down. Doesn't seem like I'm headed in that direction.

Please tell me if you find an answer. Mine is 2 and 9 months and holy shit the kid has entered an unfortunate phase. I'm just hoping he survives to grow out of it - right now it's not looking like such a sure thing. We're going to try eliminating naps, as backwards as it seems. If he takes one at all, he's up until 10 pm jumping on the bed, even if we put him down at 7. Maybe if we can get him in bed at 6, we can recharge a little and be ready for the next day.

Twin (almost 5 y/o) boys here. 3 was so much harder than 2 for us. One of the reasons, I think, was b/c they play off each other. Have you ever watched your normally well-behaved children go absolutely bezerk when they get around another kid? Yeah. That was them. All. The. Fucking. Time. 4 was better and I'm hoping 5 is a breeze. It damn well better be.

3 was wayyyyyyyyyy harder than the 2s here.. for all 3 of my boys ;x I wish you luck!

Dude, I've got two of them. Twin boys who will be 3 in January. If one doesn't think of something destructive to do, the other does. Partners in crime. I've got two older kids and my house has NEVER looked so torn up as it has from these two. Marker and crayon to the carpet, marker to the wall, shaving cream on the floor, Rain-X on the floor, broken blinds. I could go on. It's really unbelievable.

If you find an answer, please, please write about it. I need all the help I can get!

Our boys are a couple of months apart...and boy do I understand what you are going through. Some nights, after he is in bed, I just cry and cry. It can be sooo frustrating! All day long it's negotiation mode, destruction mode etc. I feel your pain! Good Luck

What happened to the Cesar Milan approach? Vigorous exercise does nothing? HE should be training for a 10k.

And they're sharing a room now? How's that going?

Wow you just described my 3 year-old (37 months) to a T...We are trying everything also and well...you let me know if you come up with something....

I was a nanny for a child like that and I have no idea what to tell you. We, meaning me tried everything sticker charts, more attention, timeouts,more stimulating at home activities, you name it I did it. Nothing worked. Good luck!

Ohhhh...the wainscoting... (weeping)

I'll take a battle of wits over rampant destruction. We face both around here too.

ohhhh I have a kid like that, he's 4 and half now, it gets better, than worse, than better, then horrible, then amazing....he's the kid who is into everything, gets all hyper to the point where he can't listen at times, but then is the best big brother ever and a super sweet boy who just wants to cuddle with his parents.

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