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November 30, 2009


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OMG!! Where have you been, your blog is great! I have a one year old and sometime I just want a break and your blogs are my laughs for the day...Thanks

Here's something you might like:


Have fun! please know that you are a great mom!

I don't have any kids, but this is seriously the funniest blog i have ever come across. a jellyfish?!?! wha..? i love it!


Better at home in a cup than in class is all I can say.

I was sad when the wrestling thing was no longer believable.

Wel, I'll read you sex colum now too.

Thanks for advising us!

That's awesome, a jelly fish!

And just to share, my almost-four-year-old son shared with his entire daycare that I have a new boyfriend, and that this boyfriend fixed the lock on my bedroom door. Oh, and apparently gives updates as to whether or not my boyfriend spent the night.

I'm already the awful parent who sends her kid to daycare while sick, or in not-perfectly-clean clothes, or with hot chocolate on his face. Now I'm THAT single mom.

Oh well. It's worth it :)

I know I should be focusing on the whole condom thing, but I keep getting snagged on your five-year-old's penchant for window cleaning. What do you feed her, and how can I get me some of that? I have a three-year-old who really needs to start earning her keep.

Hey, at least you didn't get a "Does that go all gone, Mommy? All gone in your vagina?"


Whatever your readers do, DO NOT I repeat DO NOT click on the link for the chair with kids in eyesight or you'll have some creative thinking and explaining to do!

Well hopefully you were smart, unlike me, and hid them. My son has found them not one but a couple of times and sworn they are candy or toys and desperate for me to open them. Luckily he cannot do it himself yet.

That's hilarious.

At least her windows would be free of pesky sperm.

Very excited about your book coming out - will review it on mil sites!

Do we get a toy with book? Just kidding

I give out Avitable.com condoms in the gift bags I give to guests of my blogger Halloween parties, and I've heard several stories of children thinking it's some type of chewy, not really tasty candy.

Kids are so creative - a jelly fish! Love it! I hope you replaced her jelly fish with a proper cleaning rag and let her go to town on those windows. Feel free to send her my way to work on my windows as well!

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