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November 11, 2009


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I amd glad that you both can take care of each other. I hope God will give all happiness to you.

I hope that rug's taken care of. Lol! I think it's those little times of laughter and excitement that makes family life so fulfilling.

I, also, am glad that he is home and safe, and that life returns to "normal" for the both of you as soon as possible!

AwGALAs, I'm glad he's home

I'm so happy he's back where he belongs, criticizing your housekeeping.

Glad to hear he made it home safely and all is well. Enjoy your time as a family again

I know that you are super relieved that he is home again! I can't wait for your "normal" stories to resume after you guys get adjusted to Daddy being back again.

Plus, I know that you have been missing your sanity. Have fun. Don't break him during the "welcome home party."

Good to hear that he's home again.

Happy for you guys and glad he's home safe! MUCH more important that clean toilets, IMHO.

glad he's home safe and sound.

Glad that seemed to go by quickly (for us readers, anyway)!

Welcome home!!!

Taking care of each other, that's the real thing!

Hooray! Hope y'all get some alone time soon to "clean" the carpets.

HE'S HOME??? Yay. Am so thrilled for you all.

So glad he is back safe and sound!

So happy he's home safely. Have the kids gotten back into the habit of not walking up the middle of the steps yet?

All the best to both of you for making it through. Enjoy your time together as a family and when the kids go to bed, drink some shots for us! What you do on your carpets after that...


Welcome home, Daddy.

So glad he made it home safely. And whatever re: house cleaning. So over things being pristine! -Christine

So glad the pilot made it home safely!!

So glad he's home safe and sound.

yahoo for him home! I am sure it is like a peaceful feeling girl! ah!!!! And yr site looks amazing! LOVE.

Glad he made it home safely! That "Holy shit the kids are bigger" lag always cracks me up when my husband comes home.

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