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October 09, 2009


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Happy Birthday Margot!!

As a mom of one on the other end of the curve, it's a mixed blessing... I get to hear "wow, a football player" and "what do you feed him" and so on. I also get the "what's wrong with your nine-year-old" look because he is acting like the six-year-old that he is. And, you're right, toting around a monster baby is not exactly a blast.


Here's the bright side - the smaller she is, the less weight you have to carry around with her and all her stuff!

I knew I should have done more upper body exercises before I had kids....

Happy birthday Margot! Wow, it's been an entire year? Doesn't seem that long at all.

I had only Amazons, so I can't say what it's like to have a child on the smaller side, but I know they don't have to be Amazons to be warrior princesses.

Happy Birthday to Margot! My 3rd is still small for her age too. (And my other two kids were the big 20-lb babies by 4 months old) The baby is just 20 lbs now, at almost 17 months. She's also very adept at taking care of herself...sounds like her and Margot are similar!

She's beautiful, happy birthday to her.

My boys are big for their age....both 29 pounds by age 1. My youngest, a girl, just turned 2 and weighs 25.5 pounds. She's a shrimp. And, I kind of like it. Is that so wrong?

Happy happy to a kick-ass kid of a kick-ass lady.

Happy Birthday, Margot!

Happy birthday, Margot. You are perfect just the way you are.

Haha Melissa. That is awesome.

Happy Birthday, Margot! A year passed so quickly.

I know how you feel having a small child. My daughter is 17 months and has yet to hit 20lbs. She is just a small girl. Although I am tiny, standing at a whopping 4'9.

I have even gotten flack from many of Dr.'s saying my child NEEDS to be at least in the 5th percentile when clearly she is just a pint size joy (just like mommy).

I can not help to think what the hell makes every Dr. think that ever child needs to be fat as a baby and toddler. It baffles me. I see these FAT babies/kids and wonder to myself "Isn't this the very thing we are supposed to be preventing in children." With the obesity of our children and young adults growing and growing is it not my duty to ensure my child stay healthy and not fat.

Margot is a happy, healthy and lean little girl and there is nothing wrong with that. Just like my little girl.

I know all about the shopping cart surfing. I looked over once to see my 11 month old standing up in the cart with the stupid FLOPPY SEAT around his waist like a tutu. I guess you are supposed to strap the FLOPPY to the cart, not just to the child. Who knew?

Oh my gosh, one year?!?

Way to go Mama!

Happy Birthday, sweet girl.

Happy, Happy Birthday Margo!

My, how fast you've grown baby girl =)

This growing up business makes me weary. Aiman will be a year old in exactly two months and one day, and I just don't think I can handle it.

GAH! They grow up too fast!

Happy Birthday Margot!

And I've got a little peanut too--he's 25 months and 25 pounds. Laid back like she is until you piss him off. I think they'll be just fine. ;-)

Happy Birthday to Margot!! I can't believe it's been a year already!! She's beautiful!

Happy Birthday, Margot!

Happy birthday Margot!

My ten month old was 24 pounds at nine months, and I get told he's too fat and I shouldn't feed him as much. Don't worry, you just can't win!

Wow. Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Happy birthday to your baby girl. My girls have always been bigger than any other kids their age, and when they figure that out for themsevles they will be kicking some serious ass!!!

Yay! Happy 1st b-day Margot!

Happy birthday Margot. You're doing an amazing job K!

Happy birthday to your beautiful girl. Those third kids are definite charmers (and well-earned by us exhausted mamas).

Happy birthday to your sweet little girl.

I have learned that third kids are silent but deadly in their attacks. It's like they knew right off they'd need to be able to take care of themselves. They are scrappy.

Happy Birthday, Margot. Keep bringing your mommy lots of nachas (joy).

Awww. So sweet! Happy Birthday Margot!

Happy Bday to Margot!!

I remember when our daughter Sofia was around 3 months, she was a little overweight. We heard a few under the breath comments from my in-laws about it.

They took her overnight during that time and she was there for basically a full day without us. We packed a full of bottles of which we were expecting she would drink most of during the time she was there.

When we got there the next day, about 75% of the bottles were untouched. Although we never called them on it, to this day I swear they underfed her because they thought she was fat.

Sofia at 3 months:


Now (at her birthday party last month):


My daughter is a peanut, as well. Weighing in at only 17 pounds (11 mos old.) I have so tired of the constant inquiries and accusations. (Though it's hard not to take them personally, sometimes.) For so long I blamed myself -- maybe I wasn't making enough milk, maybe my milk was bad, maybe, maybe, maybe. But when I look at her and see how smart and engaging and TOUGH she is I know there's not a thing wrong with her. So kudos to the petite ladies! Margot is a beautiful little girl. I enjoy reading about your life and hers ...

She's a beautiful girl!

Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl.

Happy First Birthday Margot!
My daughter is one month today, and I'm both looking forward to and terrified of her first birthday.

Happy birthday to the lovely Margot!

I know she'll continue to hold her own.

Happy Birthday to Margot! She is just beautiful.

Is she really a year already? Man, time flies.

Happy Birthday, Margot.

My 3rd child was the toughest of them all. Happy Birthday beautiful little girl. I can't believe she is one already!!

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