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September 15, 2009


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hahah, that is so funny! I agree with Fairly Odd Mother, I'm not sure I would be your traveling companion ;)

Hee! :)

Laughing. Hehehehe. Dude, you guys stayed where I did. I recognize the pillows. ha.

Hee! Did you put her panties in the freezer too? Ah memories...

You're trouble in the best way.

bwa ha ha!

Like boys hitting on the playground, "It's 'cause they like you honey."


Okay, um, but, hey, her skin looks flawless :)


OMG - have never laughed more. The bottle of Moet woulda been a nice touch.

Makes me glad that I'm a LIGHT-ASS SLEEPER, yo.

LOL! But poor Catherine had it much, much worse!

Remind me not to travel with you. Ever.

Thanks for the laugh this morning!

roflmao... oh i needed that laugh!

Do I get to point out that the purple bra is actually yours?

Thanks, "friends." No. Really.

*snort* *snicker*

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