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September 21, 2009


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Knocking is for sure WAY worse than babies crying.

Why didn't you just tell you FIL to feed the baby?!? :)

I remember those days...waking up in the middle of the night, poop, boobs leaking everywhere...bleh...I am glad they are potty trained now!

Good job on the run!

Looks like Margo has been talking to my son, Adam.

This past week he's gotten up at 5:30 in the morning to do nothing but let me know that he's up. And that I should be too.

So I believe the score is something like babies -10 and moms -0?

Seven and a half miles is crazy good for you the most I ever made was 5 miles.

Oh and the poop tactic, works every time.

The poop tactic is always a sneaky one. It's not really a stall tactic - more like a sneak surprise.

Hope she sleeps for you soon. Cordy has always been our early riser - Mira's wake-up time of 6:30am is practically sleeping in for us.

I love that your FIL can knock on your door, but can't check on the baby himself, like seriously? You dragged yourself out of bed, and then didn't do anything productive about it?

Aren't we going to be "falling ahead" next month due to the time change? Maybe that will help! I also think you should tell your FIL the reason she is crying at night is cuz she misses her grandpa and see how that goes over.

When I am away, my 2 1/2 year old sleeps through the night, without so much as a peep, according to my husband.

When I am home, he wakes up at least once, and if I try to ignore him saying, "Mami, no! Mami! Mami, no!" He gets up, comes to my bed, pulls me out of it and makes me sit next to his bed with my arm wrapped around him or takes me into the living room and falls asleep on the couch, with my arm wrapped around him.

Oh well, at least I'm short enough that I can lay down on the couch.

I have a 5am waker upper as well lately. Maybe our babies are on the same circadian rhythm...

I am really thinking that by a year a kid should be sleeping through the night. Really.

Now I just need someone to give Harrison the memo, because he'll be one on Friday. I'm about to go baby boot camp on his ass. I is tired.

I think your kid's been conspiring with my kid.

Total evil baby plot against mothers everywhere. Bonus points if they can poop, puke, and spike a fever all at the same time.

If I were staying at your inlaws' house, I would probably have to fight the urge to run straight back home.

Slip the kiddo some prunes (mine still love it mixed into yogurt) and the FIL some Ambien, preferably mixed into a nice stiff drink.

Yep, my 9 month old has been doing that same thing lately, minus the poop. So I did the same thing night before last--let him cry a little bit before I gave in and went to check on him. Little stinker (literally) had covered his crib in poop. So I was scrubbing a crib at 3 am while he slept in his pack n play contently. Baby 1, Mom 0.

I think they poop to make us feel guilty. It's not just that they're up, crying, in the middle of the night (or 10 minutes into their nap) because they miss us. It's because they want to make us suffer. And then when you don't get up because, what could they possibly want? They've either pooped, spiked a fever, or thrown up in their cribs. These are the things they'll be talking about in therapy in 25 years.

That's very impressive 7 1/2 miles running. You are obviously one of the best in shape moms around. I can respect that.

I jog a few miles 3 or 4 days a week to keep the fat away.


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