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August 21, 2009


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It all comes down to balance doesn't it. Good for you, in figure, mind and role model.

Glad to hear how good it makes you feel! That's the important part, right?

That is awesome. You worked for it.

Looking good! I have been meaning to start the 30 day shred for at least 30 days now...your before and after pics have me ready to get going!

First off, you do look absolutely amazing, and I'm damn impressed with the work you've put into it and all you've accomplished!

I'm holding off the 20 pounds I lost by BlogHer, but I haven't really resumed a regular workout routine since then. Work has thrown a big-ass wrench in that machine and I'm still trying to get my bearing before finding a way to work exercise back into my routine.

I've never been fucked in the ass with a lead pipe, but that sounds uncomfortable.

Nice work on the shedding.

It's hard enough just feeling really really short next to you. So thanks for this.


After I saw my doctor 14 months pp and weighed 10 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight, I freaked out and joined Sparkpeople. I am down 13 ponds and feel awesome-- and also love the cute clothes!

Good for you.

Way to go. You look amazing.

Those baby kilos (I'm Aussie) are hard to lose. It took me 14 years of on-and off exercise (getting a dog which digs when you don't walk her is a great motivator) and healthy eating, and finally having to give up wheat/gluten (because I became intolerant of it) to get back to my pre-baby weight. But it feels good. And I'm managing to keep it off, probably because I can't eat the bread and biscuits I use to be able to! >:-)

Whoo hoo! Awesome! Nice when the doctor notices too. Yay for you!

Good for you! That took a lot of hard work on your part and gives the rest of us hope.

I'm so happy for you and I can't wait to get these pounds off of my body- for some of the same reasons. I'm so glad to have found the shredders, even though I'm pretty sure Jillian is trying to KILL me.


Seriously, I am so impressed. You did it! Keep up the good work!

Well, aside from the obvious YOU LOOK GREAT, your journey has definitely encouraged many others of us to do the same. Thank you for that.

Not to creep you out or anything but you looked totally hot at BlogHer. Hot enough to make me order a copy of the Shred, even.

That is SO awesome!! Good for you. You're my hero.

I bought the trifecta of Jillian Michaels DVD's before I went on vacation. I need to lose like 15 pounds (or 20). Watch though, I'll get all motivated and get knocked up.

Not superficial and vain. Healthy and fit. Very different things. You should be proud of what you've accomplished and of your ability to pushed a whole bunch of other people a little further down their journey to a healthier life.


You look bitchin'. That is all.

I so needed this post. I'm where you are at the beginning and I find it so inspirational to see how far you've come. Thanks Kristen!

Great post, I appreciate your honesty. I have the same issues with the opposite goal. As a guy with Celiac disease all I heard all my life was how thin I was. I eat over 3500 calories per day to try and gain so that people will shut up. Theae people seem to have no problem telling a guy, "omg you need to eat more!" why is it different for a guy where people feel obligated to point out your faults publicly? To this day I still have people openly say negative things without any idea that what they say is an insult. Frustrating.

"So when I'm able to slide into my old clothes, I don't expect to be magically transported back to that woman I used to be."

Maybe you should down a few Zimas and see what happens? heh.

You honestly look better, healthier and happier than the day I met you as a sparkling 20 year old, sister.

Keep rocking it, hot girl.

My "baby" is EIGHT now and I still haven't gotten around to being motivated to lose the weight.

I need to check out this 30-Day Shred thing!

Next step: we do a half-marathon together!

GREAT JOB!! That is HUGE! I'm so excited for you! And you do look great. In the last pictures you took of yourself...I thought Damn, she is smoking hot!

I don't think that you are superficial and vain, Kristen. I think that you want to look good, and feel good about yourself. Some people are comfortable at a bigger size, and good for them.

I was the same as you; after each of the kids I felt uncomfortable in my own skin until I got back to my "happy" weight.

Good for you for taking the steps needed to get back to your sweet spot. Well done!

You look GREAT - well done!

Though I run 3x a week for my 5K training (I'm running another in 2 weeks), to MAINTAIN weight I need to be super anal about portion size too. It's less about the choices I make and more about the SIZE of those choices. Which sort of sucks, because some days I'd LIKE to eat a whole box of Fig Newmans. *sigh*

Still, though. The exercise ALONE makes me feel more like me. Which is a very good thing.

You look amazing! I had been tracking your progress (from my couch) for a couple of months and then finally decided to join in last month. I have dropped 13 pounds so far (with a little more to go). The best part for me isn't the "new" old clothes I am wearing but more about the huge amount of energy I have now compared to before.

So I guess what I am trying to say is thanks for the inspiration. Your story really was the catalyst to get me going.

I applaud you!

I did the shred with you... for about two weeks. Then I fell off the wagon. I got motivated again (detailed here http://mcmamasmusings.blogspot.com/2009/08/9-is-my-favorite-color.html) and have been working out regularly for 3 weeks and 6 days per week for 2.

I feel AMAZING. I've lost 13 lbs but more than that, my workouts are time to be ME. Not "Mommy!" not wife, just Me. And while I have another solid 65 lbs to lose before I'm anywhere near a long-term goal weight, that feeling of finding myself is EUPHORIC.

I know exactly what you mean. I still have another sixty or so pounds to go, but with every one I shed I feel better, more like myself.

Can you just tell me (pretty please?)how you made time for all that exercise with three kids AND all the work you do? I only have one child and can't seem to find time.

Congratulations! Seeing all that hard work pay off must be gratifying and rewarding.

But what really struck me is the notion of smaller underpants. Now THERE's a goal I can aspire to.

Nice! Good for you. I too am a little embarrased by the sparks flying from between my legs. Takes away from my cute face, ya know?

There is NOTHING wrong with being proud of all that you've accomplished. You've worked hard, and you've earned every bit of that satisfaction you feel.


Good for you Kristen. After each baby it just seems like it gets harder and harder to find yourself.

By the way, I've seen a picture of you from the conference and you look amazing.

That's awesome! I remember when I was pregnant...it was a BITCH to drop those pounds afterward.

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