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August 28, 2009


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That is feckin hilarious!


Hey yeah...why to Disney Princesses never wear glasses???

I knew that bitch wasn't "naturally" skinny. :o)


That's too cute! I love the Princess Leia muffs on the side too!

Her pigtails are the same size as her boobs!

How funny!

Ha! That is too funny. But a very cute picture!

hey...I named my daughter Ariel. Alas, I will probably never get images of fat mermaids drawn for me. She'll probably hate mermaids and anything having to do with water.

Priceless. Mermaids are by far my daughter's favorite art subject. Just watch out if she ever claims to BE Ariel: http://mlbornstein.blogspot.com/2009/08/im-pretty-sure-ariel-never-said-that.html

Love it!

I think she needs a boob job.

That is too hilarious! She's already ahead of the game as far as being politically correct goes. Can't be too careful with those whiny overweight mermaids.


Aww. That's...kinda sweet.


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