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July 03, 2009


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When did he get so big?!

Awww! He looks so happy. What a great surprise!

That's awesome! Nothing better than surprise cars arriving in the mail. Blog Readers do rock!

Right on. :)

That just made my day!!!

@Amy - Target baby!

He is beyond cute..I wanted to send him some Cars but did not know how to get your address :)
What a sweet little boy!

pps. LOVE the t-shirt!!

ps. your kids are too damn cute!

I'm glad he has a smile back on his face! Hopefully he'll forget what happened to his other car and just remember Cecilia's AWESOMENESS!

That is so great!

Someone ran over my kid's brand new digital camera! A really, really nice one that even I can figure out how to use!


Sweet! New cars :) He must have been thrilled!

Aw, I'm so glad he got some new ones! :)

So awesome! He looks so happy! What a seriosly cute kid!

What a lovely thing to do!

Yay! How nice.

I am glad that his cars were replaced! Those jackasses deserve an ass kicking!

How sweet! I hope croissants arrive in my mail today...

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