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July 17, 2009


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Crocs are grim. Fact.

I admit the new ballet style is kinda cute. I actually complimented my sister-in-law on hers before I realized they were Crocs. The clog-style, however, is just hideous and I never got why they were so popular.

I too hate Crocs. Always have, always will. I notice them everytime someone walks by me wearing them. I can't stand them.

That said, my son is 1 month old. At my baby shower, someone gave me a pair of baby Crocs. They are *kinda* cute, but that's as far as it goes. KINDA. Will he ever wear them? Sure, they are a good shade of green to match his camo stuff his redneck grandpa got him. But I will never buy him a pair once he outgrows these. And hopefully nobody else will either!

I stand corrected. I did wear them out to dinner one night. In Chicago. Shaw's Crab House. I was 8 months pregnant, it was hot and my feet were so swollen I couldn't fit into anything else.

I walked in in the afternoon to check with the Maitre D', to see if he'd let me in that night. He said, "No problem" and I fell in love because, well, 8 months pregnant, Shaw's Crab House and comfy feet.

Working in a hospital, it's nearly all you'll see. They're comfortable when you need to be on your feet for 12+ hrs a day, and they can be thrown in the dishwasher to clean/sterilize them if you get any ick on them.

Now, I have to admit that some of the newer styles are a little more stylish. I'll admit I have a pair to wear to BlogHer one day. (You'll still talk to me if I'm wearing Crocs, won't you?)

Hear hear. Crocs remind me of The Emperor's New Clothes. It will take one person to declare their ugliness and then the whole world will realize it.

"That's partially true. They do float." HA! You made me snort.

I hate those things. Last year at Blissdom they gave me a pair of bronze, high, ankle strap wedges. I admit - do not look like Crocs AT ALL, are comfortable, and I get lots of compliments on them.

But I have Jimmy Choos and you are correct - no matter what they do, it will never be like a Jimmy Choo. (swoons)

It's fine for the kids, but it's not for me.

Sniff....The Death of the Most Comfortable Shoes I've Ever Worn. Yeah, they're ugly. Yeah, they're the butt of jokes.

Wearing them for a while saved me from having to have surgery on my foot, which I may be facing now because I'm embarrassed to be seen in them.



AMEN to all the croc haters!

I am in total agreement with you. Crocs...nasty.

I can't look at Crocs without getting hung up on "not getting it." I don't get it! I'm not sure I ever will. I believe people who say they're comfortable, but nothing about them makes me want to put them on my feet.

jimmy croc corn and I don't care.

Have them, loathe them but given your similar predilection I thought you were writing your post to gloat:

Once-trendy Crocs could be on their last legs
100 million foam clogs were sold in 7 years, but the firm is now in trouble


oneof my fave people is the crocs boy @Georgesmithjr. LOVE him and his ministry. He can karoke too.

Little kids - sure.
But when a coworker wore them to work at our business-dress office? C'mon. They in no way even pass as business-casual. They are sub-casual and hideous.

Like I said on Twitter, I threw out a pair my daughter was given last week. Even though they were her fave color- purple. I HATE those shoes.

Two years ago, my MIL tried to buy her a baby pair. I told her only if I can pick the Croc art (or whatever those tacky things are that people stick to them.) and proceeded to pick skull and crossbones and she freaked out. She refused to buy them. Oh well.... such a shame...heh.

A horror. Hate them and have unkind thoughts about women wearing them.


My feet wouldn't survive ten-hour shifts at the bakery without them. And cheap! But oh my yes hideous. I got brown holeless ones to cut down on the fugly factor.

Really, I tried to hold out, even though all my coworkers wore and swore by them. I wish I'd swallowed my pride sooner.

They are also absolutely hideous. I hate them. I only think they are okay on kids younger than five. Even then, I don't really find them cute. Just easy.

I'm laughing at this whole conversation on Twitter this morning. Can't we go back to talking about Cheeseburgers and parties and what people are going to wear?

I'm so with you. I despise those ugly shoes. And now I see kids everywhere with the things on. Sad. Just sad. With so many cute baby shoes, and people put those monstrous plastic things on their kids?

I think they're fine on kids and teenagers with that 'devil may care' attitude but seriously they are so unsexy and unflattering on adults.

I don't get why North American men love them so much either. What's wrong with a nice leather sandal? (That said I also HATE with an unending passion men who wear running shoes and socks with shorts - seriously gives me the heebie jeebies!)

I have to admit we've been converted. Our oldest son has worn them for a couple years now because of his OCD shoe issues. It's just easier than fighting with him in the summer. He hates flip flops and every sandal known to man sips on his heels. After an hour of shoe shopping with this child he makes you want to just shove the shoes up his ass. Crocs fixed this problem.

For my husband and I, we got the "fur" lined ones to wear as slippers around the house. They're nice when your furnace breaks in January to keep the feet warm, and don't slip like socks on hardwood floors. They don't go outside.

I on the other hand have old lady feet (plantar fascitis) and Crocs flip flops are the only ones I can find that don't make my feet hurt. Thank GOD they make them with fabric tops and in normal colors or I'd still be wearing my running shoes when it's 100 degrees outside. But yeah, I think of Mario Batali every time I see an orange pair of clogs and still think they're fugly.

I remember your original posts on this lol, I could not have agreed with you more then and I could not agree with you more now!

The Crocs issue came up one day in class - why yes, I AM the most awesome English teacher ever - and we ultimately decided that Crocs can be cute on very small feet (like, children 4 and under), but should never EVER be worn by anyone older. I thought it was a productive discussion for all involved, and I gave everyone A's. Except that one girl wearing Crocs.

kids: totally, yes great shoe; teen girls: sure, why not; adult in garden: ok I get it; adult at pool or beach: Only if all the flip flops in the world suddenly disappeared.; an adult male traveling on a plane wearing khaki shorts, orange polo and MATCHING bright orange crocs (no joke): oh hells no!

My kids have loads and loads of croc-style shoes. Most of them are now animal shaped (my son has the cutest pair of crocodile Polliwalks. I had a pair that I wore towards the end of my twin pregnancy. They were comfy and more importantly, they fit. They sit in the back of my closet now.

Look. I teach people how to be swim instructors. Crocs are ideal for the pool deck: comfortable, good for standing for long periods, provide traction on slippery floors, and are won't get wrecked in the water.

I still stand by my stance that Crocs are a travesty to any sort of style (even bad style) and are NEVER, EVER, OKAY. Especially for lifeguards/swim instructors: they look unprofessional.

I can tell you that if I ever submitted a receipt to my accountant for tax purposes for crocs he would look at me like I have 5 heads.

And I can tell you that my almost 9 week old will never, ever own a pair.

I'm torn about the crocs. I love mine for around the house, take out the gabage/dog/garden I love mine. Better than the ugly flip flops I was using. However, I won't even wear mine to the grocery store. Home only.

At a size 12, my shoe choices are limited at best. I've never even seen a Jimmy Choo, let alone a size 12 one. So if they made the cute ones (they don't) in my size, I'd seriously consider them. Not nearly enough companies get that big feet are the future as we all get taller.

I have a pair that I'll wear around the house, and even to the grocery store. My kid lives in them; he's screams bloody murder if I try to get him to wear tennis shoes. Loves his Crocs though; and fortunately they're even cute on a two-year old.

My doctors and nurses all seem to wear them; and I would too if I got to wear scrubs to work.

I have a hatred for those things that I can't even begin to describe, yet my teenage son who wears a size 15 shoe wears them in the locker room to shower since it's rare to find a water shoe that fits him.

Hideous on adults, particularly grown men. But my kids wear nothing else.

I'd even venture to say there is NOTHING cuter than my 2 year old's itty-bitty size 4/5 navy blue mary jane Crocs.

I agree with Julie--it's about comfort for me. But I tend to think that stilletos are a form of misogyny, so I may not be the best person to discuss shoes.

Jimmy Croc corn and I don't care...Jimmy Croc corn and I don't care...

They float, huh? Maybe if we string a bunch of them together, Crocs can be the next iteration of the pool noodle.

It's got nothing to do with style, and everything to do with comfort. Would I wear them out for dinner? Not a chance. To the water park with my kids, or taking the dogs for a walk? Absosmurfly.

But then again, I almost NEVER wear heels. And the jeans I'm wearing at the moment have an elastic waist. So maybe I'm not the best authority on the topic of what to wear...

I flat out refuse to wear the hideous things. I have never purchased a pair, never will. My daughter also will not own a pair as long as I'm the one buying her footwear. Absolutely not. Stylish rubber shoes...pfffth. When it comes to rubber shoes give me Havaianas or give death. At least they don't try to pretend to be something they're not.

I agree, I hate crocs- for adults.
I do love them for my kids though.
Light, easy to put on, closed toe, if thrown into lake you can scoop out & put right back on.

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