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July 22, 2009


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I hear about people making money from their blogs, but honestly...I don't get it. I started my blog to connect with people (Well, that and to flex my writing muscle a little.). And, yeah, I've got some Google ads and some Amazon ads and how much do I make from that? PENNIES. Seriously. That shouldn't really be the point.

Great post. Thank you.

I heard Liz speak about it on NPR yesterday and now I just read about it here. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=111083779&sc=fb&cc=fp

The ball is rolling. People are listening, and you ladies have has some fantastic exposure. I hope the momentum continues!

Ahhhhh! You continue to be my hero!

I have just started reading and I will be back. I love honest open people. Sometimes even bloggers aren't honest.

Have a great week!

How timely that you posted this. I just started my little blog, mainly for kicks and to entertain myself and my friends. So far I clearly don't fit into the standard mom blog and it feels icky to me right now to peddle goods. Mine is pretty much a blank slate except for my nonsensical ramblings and that to me is pretty fun. I'm a big fan of your blog, love your honesty.

@Danielle -- You're right. I'm glad that the Alice post was right below this one because it makes my point. Nothing wrong with sponsors and even better when you completely believe in what they do.

You can bet that I'd never be sponsored by Crocs, no matter how much money they through my way.

And Alice asked specifically that I try and test out their service before deciding to work with them. That's a sign of an awesome sponsor.

I know it's a hot button topic, but I just don't read blogs that seem too commercial. I haven't been blogging long, but so far I'm blogging it old school. No ads. And I definitely try to cite my sources. I'm all for Creative Commons. For me, attribution is enough.

I'm hoping all of you will also join me in signing the pledge over at my site, BloggingWithSincerity.com.

Just an observation, . . . you do realize that you posted that you wouldn't send us over to the Alice site unless you believed in it, right?

Great post ... and I think I should say here that yeah, you gave me the idea for my blog title. Either you or the writer of Punditmom, in an interview you did with her. And I give you both credit in my very first post :)

It hadn't really even occurred to me that someone might see my blog posts about things I do, places I go, things I use, and think I'm just being a paid advertiser for that thing/place/product.

I don't really fit into this conversation, which is why I've also kept my trap shut on the subject. But I'll say this - we're living in a trust economy right now. Bloggers need to keep that fact forefront in their minds. The minute that trust is compromised, it's game over. Is that really worth the free case of yogurt?

well put. i hate guessing whether someone is paid to like something or whether they REALLY do like something.

I saw this on Julie's blog yesterday and I think you all have come up with a brilliant idea. Here's hoping no one steals it and claims it as their own.

So much fuss about bloggers, and all we're doing is writing, from our hearts and from our hips.

When it comes to reading, geez, if it doesn't feel authentic, then simply click through and read something else.

The blogosphere gives us a ton of choice, and we can choose to read what we like and not to read what we don't like. Maybe I'm crazy to think that it's this simple: If it feels too commercial, don't read it. If you don't mind the endorsement, then go ahead and read it.

And yet what so many people choose to do is kvetch. I say hit delete or back-space or whatever, and move on...

You had me at cock ring. Awesome.

I'm sorry, I totally got sidetracked by the make fun of it and drink out of it linkiepo. That is some seriously funny stuff!!! Do you go on comedy tours? I'd pay some serious money to come see your show. You are one very funny lady!!!

By the way, when I read your blog and you talk about products that have somehow fallen into your possession, I never feel your pushing a product on me. Your just giving your opinion of it. In the case of the Diva cup I thank you for saving my money! Thank you for such a SUPERB blog.

This shit is getting a little out of hand isn't it. I write with integrity because I'm too damn tired to make shit up. Just sayin'.

Great post.

Ditto to everything you said!

Seriously, I can't believe how parallel our blogging trajectories have been from the very start. I just can't quit you. :)


That part about how bloggers feel compelled to note "this is NOT a sponsored post" when they happen to mention something they genuinely like and actually paid out of pocket to own? You read my mind.

Also, that part about taking ideas or words or verbatim copy? You read my mind there too.

But most of all, I want us to do shots of Ketel One out of your diva cup when I finally get my ass down to visit you.

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