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July 09, 2009


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You are amazing. The linked post is so very, very sad and so beautiful at the same time. And so sad. You really do inspire me.

Your girls are gorgeous and very lucky to have you.

I am so very sorry for your loss....

Your two little girls are beautiful!

That's very sad. I'm sorry to hear that. My husband is in a similar situation. All he ever wanted was a brother, and his mom lost one to still birth. Now he has two boys, and he talks about how lucky they are, and how sad it sometimes makes him, but how happy he is that they have each other. I always wanted siblings too, but sadly stayed an only child. I'm sure it would have been even more difficult to know there was one, and then they weren't there anymore. :(

I wanted a sister too, but never really understood why until I saw my girls together. Which actually might even be better than having a sister of my own.

Wow Kristen - that is one thing I hate sharing with you. I lost my sister when I was 6 months and she was 6. My parents have done an amazing job of keeping her spirit and sweet short life alive in are family memories. She is so much apart of who I have become that I gave Ella her name as her middle one, Robyn. Thanks for sharing - meg

I'm so sorry your own sister lived such a short life. Having a sister is a wonderful gift even if I didn't always appreciate it. My mother used to always say, "friends come and go, sisters are forever." And, now your girls will get to live that.

So I've been trying to write this comment all day. I have sisters. I know how magical they can be. Well, maybe not when you're teenagers, but certainly later in life. I don't know what to say about the loss of your sister. I'm so very sorry.

I know that watching your girls grow up together will be magic. Infuriating magic.

Hugs. They are so lovely.

Wow, it never truly makes sense but knowing that God gave you back what you lost, having sisters of your own children is a blessing, a real blessing!

On a lighter note, I love the hand crocheted dress, edorable!

They are beautiful. And they will always have each other.

I always wanted a sister and I watch my girls together and I wish even more that I had one. Nothing like a love/hate relationship.

Okay that made me tear up. So sorry you had the loss so young, but so glad you have your daughters (and they have each other) - that is an adorable picture.

I'm so sorry for your loss. Both pictures are adorable.

I got 21 years with my brother before he died. It makes me look at the two kids interacting a little more closely.

I always wanted a sister too. I've had to make do with many sisters-in-law. Out of 4, I love and adore 1--should my brother and her split, I'm keeping her. He was my favorite brother, but still!

I was so happy to have two daughters, I thought they'd be best friends. Turns out they are like oil and water day to day. But in times of crisis, they seek each other's shoulder first.

I'm so sorry. I see she did give you one of the greatest gifts...happiness! Those smiles are priceless! Glad you're able to cherish the memories.

I have two sisters and three brothers. My closest sister is my best friend, stand-in-mother, and all 3 of my children's godmother. I can't imagine life wihtout her.

I'm glad your girls have each other. My daughter has two brothers and will likely never know the bond of a sister. Makes me tear up just thinking of it.

I know how you feel. Although I got to enjoy 15 years with my sister before she died, but my two beautiful daughters never got to know her. I tell them every day to cherish each other. No matter what sisters are forever. Thank you for the post.

that is one beautiful bald baby!

I never got to meet my sister - she died before I was born. I can only imagine how much harder it would be to know that person first and then lose them.

I grew up as an only child - I can't wait to see my daughters grow up as sisters.

I had no idea. You are a strong woman and your children are lucky to have such a fighter on their side.


your strength leaves me breathless.

happy 9 months margot.

ps- i still wanna see that pic of me with her sweetness.

I cannot even begin to imagine the horror of losing your sister or your daughter. I am so sorry...

The girls are beautiful, as always =)

Oh, wow.

very sad For you. Beautiful children!

I am so very sorry.

Your daughters look wonderfully happy.

Help..the link is invalid!! I want to know about your sister..I'm crazy nosey like that.

Your kids? ADORABLE!

Oh my goodness. I can't imagine. Your daughters are precious.


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