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June 06, 2009


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Just keep telling yourself that they were too entranced by your new shred-created ass to focus on the jokes.

At my 10 yr HS reunion, the organizer asked people to round up items from their places of business to donate for the raffle. At the time, I worked at LeapFrog, and brought some toys, assuming a few people were parents and many others were at least aunts and uncles. Decent prizes, I would say, although not 100% awesome for the target audience of urban 28-year olds.

Someone else had apparently raided their office supply cabinet and come up with surge protectors. That's right: Person Who Has Traveled the Furthest to Attend This Reunion, you've WON A SURGE PROTECTOR!

If you couldn't make them laugh, then I think laughing must be physically impossible for them. Poor deprived souls.

Where's the picture of the boobs? I mean hooker.

When do you sleep?

aww, you presented to Moai, the Easter Island statues.

I hate when I present on "Easter Island." Luckily it happened only ONCE and was to a bunch of college kids which an ad agency had hired. For Shame!

Trust me, it's THEM, not you.

You & Liz are always funny and engaging.

It was great to see you again.

I'd have laughed.

And made inappropriate jokes about surging and protection just for the two of you.

And I'd have kicked Paris Hilton if I saw her for giving women, no, humans, a bad name.

The things I do for humanity.

I get the hands free to breastfeed thing, I do! I do!

I'm surprised to hear that they weren't excited by the surge protector presentation. I am, just thinking about it. The surging, and the, um, protecting?

What a bunch of boring old coots.

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