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June 25, 2009


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Mine hit me on Mother's Day this year, and then two more times in 5 weeks following, yup you counted that right 3 periods in 6 weeks, YAH me!!!

Did I mention that not only is it back and every two weeks but also god freaking awful.

I feel your pain. My "friend" came for a visit on my first day back to the office... Ugh!

What a bummer =(

I don't even want to think about this. The whole return-of-the-period thing just seems so phenomenally unfair.

So, I went back and read your post about the Diva Cup.

I don't know whether to laugh or puke!

Ha ha :)

My period didn't come back for like 10 months after I gave birth. I was breastfeeding exclusively till she was 9 months old, so I think that helped...

Everyone told me that periods after childbirth were much better and they didn't lie. My periods were so unbearably painful before I got pregnant that I can say with ALL honesty that my monthly periods were WAY worse than childbirth. I was only in labor for 4 hours and my intense and mind-bending period cramps would last for 20-25 hours...

So yeah, the pain I have no with my periods just pale in comparison to before. I still don't love having a period (who does?) but for me, they have been much easier since having a baby.

Interesting to read this today, as I'm pretty sure I am gonna freaking bleed to death today. But this is the first time after a miscarriage, so yeah...fun.

Dude, doesn't it always happen on trips? I swear it's like a curse. Oh wait.

Mine came back 4 months after Baby was born. I hated to go through the damn flow again, but I had hoped it might lead to another bun on my oven.

No such luck yet. Doesn't it figure? Even us ladies who are kind of happy to see it don't get the "benefit" of it.

And to add, it came back at different times - 12 months for 8, 6 months with Drew.

And I loathe the diva cup with all that is within in. Blech.

Feel free to Google my blog and the words diva cup to see its alternate use in my home.

You missed the final thought, "Am I hemorrhaging?" Love how women, myself included, are so thrown by the first postpartum period.

With all three babies, my periods have returned 4 months post partum. Apparently, my girly parts don't realize I'm breastfeeding. I complained with my last baby, and my husband replied with a "shouldn't you be happy things are getting back to normal?" What???

Mine came back 4 weeks after I had my baby... TO THE DAMN DAY. Am I not allowed a break? Srsly.

All five of you in the same room? EGAD. I thought I had it bad with just ONE on top of me (luckily, my daughter prefers her bed to mine...but not MY SON who must be ON TOP of me - and I'm claustrophobic).

And, yeah, you totally deserve a bone already...! I guess I won't be the only one shredding today? :P

Ugh, that suck. I am NOT looking forward to that. Mother nature has a damn problem. I just had my IUD (Mirena) taken out so I can have another baby but I'm NOT looking forward to "my friend" visiting after 2 years without her!

After my daughter was born and my period came back (ugh) I switched from using tampons to finding a new BFF called the Diva Cup. The cup is soooooo much better than using tampons (cheaper and environmentally friendly too!).

Then last year I found a new BFF called Mirena( http://www.mirena.ca/ ) and my friend the Diva Cup has been sitting under the sink for the last year (sorry, girl but things change). I haven't had my period in a year!!! Happy Dance!

Yeah, so I was thrilled when my doctor told me that it could take up to a yaer to get my period after I had my baby because I am nursing her. Ummm...yeah, so who's period started again when my daughter was only three months old? And....who's pregnant again when my daughter is only nine months old. When this baby is born, I'm having a tubal ligation as the little booger is coming out!

Tylenol for that kid! I bet she's teething or something. That worked when my youngest went through that waking up every 2 hours thing around Margot's age.

Damn EVE, why do we have to continually pay for her SCREW Up?? Seriously!

I cannot tell you how many many people/doctors told me after childbirth your periods will be so much easier. . . NEWSFLASH they all LIED, the ratbastards!

Oh dear God that sounds just awful. I'm still waiting on mine. I'm hoping all my running will keep it at bay.

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