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June 14, 2009


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I love her little feet waggling back and forth when she sits there - and the smile on her face when she sees the flashlight breaks my heart! I know you know this, but she really is beautiful.

The will-I-or-won't-I-crawl wobble is painfully cute! I can't believe she's already old enough to crawl.

Oh man. That is SO wrong! She's gonna kill you in 15 years... :)

Very cute. Yay Margot!

A.DOR.A.BLE. I can't say anything else... except that I can't wait until Emma starts crawling :) got a little time yet I think, she's just starting to roll over ;)

Congratulations Margot!!

That is AWESOME! She is such a cutie!!

SO cute! go Margot!

haha awesome. I still can't believe I'm going to have one of those sweet little creatures living in my house!

Too cute. Love the wobblies.

OMG is that like a mini vibrator?! Hahaha! And Drew is the one that snagged it for Margot! Hilarious! Do you usually keep those things out in plain sight?! Congrats Margot, now you can help your mommy after consuming large amounts of chocolate by having to chase your crawling behind around the house :)

She is ridiculously cute! That little foot wiggle at the end...I can't let my wife watch or she's going to demand we have a third.


Yay Margot!! Love the video, but yeah, the crawling? Exhausting. Adorable and wonderful, but tiring. Good luck.

That is the funniest thing I have seen in awhile!!!!

Is that a vibrator?? A vibrator with a flashlight on it?

What's it called, the spelunker? :)

I felt myself feeling like - C'mon, Margot! Do it!

And don't hate me, but my favorite thing is that there's stuff hanging out of that trunk thing in the hallway.

It probably makes me a bitch, but I like to know you're not perfect. ;)

OMG how cute is she?!?!?! I love how she was looking at her stomach just sitting there:)

Go Margot go! Adorable.

She is so cute! Man they grow way way to fast!

Is it really 8 months? It doesn't seem that long.

The kids will have to put their toys away - unless they're happy to share. :)

And your life isn't over, it's just your new exercise regime...find Margot.

But she's SO cute!

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