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June 23, 2009


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Really when someone doesn't be aware of after that its up to other users that they will assist, so here it occurs.

What's up Dear, are you actually visiting this site daily, if so then you will definitely take pleasant know-how.

Spot on with this write-up, I absolutely feel this amazing site needs far more attention. I'll probably be back again to read more, thanks for the advice!

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Hi there just wanted to give you a quick heads up. The words in your post seem to be running off the screen in Firefox. I'm not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with browser compatibility but I figured I'd post to let you know. The design and style look great though! Hope you get the issue fixed soon. Thanks

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was starving last year too and I was not prego

common sense, but being a BlogHer

a great post - I particularly love #5 - I was starving last year too and I was not prego or breast feeding! It's funny you mention Sarah's bottle opener because I just used it this

thank you

Thank you so much for this! Such great

Great article. I have to use more of these ideas. Thanks.

Good work.i wish you success.thanx

Where would we be today if we had looked at our past experience

This is a great post - I particularly love #5 - I was starving last year too and I was not prego or breast feeding! It's funny you mention Sarah's bottle opener because I just used it this weekend!

Thank you for the tips! Most of them are good common sense, but being a BlogHer newbie, I'll still take all the advice I can get ;-)

Just saw this post via Susan's post about BlogHer program highlights. Great suggestions! Can't wait to see you next week. I promise not to give you my biz card. Will keep condom lollipop in mind... -Christine

Thanks for the tips...attending my first this year. Glad to find your blog. :)

About that swag: last year, I mailed a box of stuff home so I didn't have to carry it on the plane.

Thanks for the great tips. Can't wait to go!

You can stuff me anytime baby.

Er. That came out wrong.

Never mind.

You know what I mean.


so, business cards are a no? Do people hand them out to everyone? How does that work? And I'm commuting to BlogHer from the Chicago Suburbs so dragging 1000 vegan, gluten free protein bars isn't going to work out so well.

Have fun everyone! Sorry I'll be missing it. Maybe next year will be my first.

Wondering if #8 breaches the rule laid out in #9? Hmmmm....something to think about.

awesomeness... and, if you're like me and can't attend, you can "attend" via http://www.blogherathome.com

ps- i think you should wear a prom dress. a skanky one with cut-outs and string-ties instead of straps.

Number three is so, so true people. I am nerdy and introverted and am basically a blogging nobody and yet people like Kristen are still willing to talk to me at blog conferences about things like little boys' obsessions with their penises. And people like Bossy are willing to sort of overlook my weird extended rant about missing her road trip visit to my city because my car was broken into the night before (or at least, willing to not slowly back away in the other direction.)

I think it would be interesting to go!

I wonder if they have something like this in Canada (Toronto)?

Does anyone know?

It would be interesting to go someday! I'd be one of the women that people would think was a jerk because I hardly talk in person. So! That makes me want to go! ;)

Also, I thought Tanis would like it if people touched her boobs. I've never met her, but that's the impression that I get. Am I wrong? (Wish I could go so I could touch boobies! Oh wait. You said NOT to. Dang.)

Oh lawd, #8 - Yes!

If you're looking for me I'll be the one with the bag over her head. But I'll buy cute shoes first.

Well, I have a horrible case of boob envy and if I can't touch the boobies then I'm not going!

Easily one of the best BlogHer prep posts I've read. I just twittered about #10 because I know what it's like to be the one trying to wrangle the mic back from that random speech-giving promoter and dodging glares from the panel. Yikes.

Okay, I could comment on every single one of these. But I'll just say thank you for the shout out for The People's Party! Yes, it's that cool and yes you are all invited. That's the point!

Also, I'm pregnant this year and might just carry a pizza around with me.

Yeah, I could comment on ALL of these. Like that I only went to half the stuff and was still exhausted and did it all in jeans and cute t's. There. Last comment. Love this post!

this was very interesting- thanks for the tips!

Great post. Met you last year at BlogHer and completely agree with your wise words.

Oh, and um, who was the rock star giving out condom lollipops so I can find them this year?

Winks & Smiles,

Please tell me that the name tags are of the "HELLO my name is" variety. Because I love those.

thanks for the suggestions. Luckily for me I'll have the five kids in two so I'll probably be fortunate to skip most of the cool events and parties....:)

#12 Miss Julie and Marty tremendously and talk about them like they are there.

Great post! Can't wait to meet you and others, and I agree with the biz card thing.

I just read that Julie's not going and I'm C R U S H E D.

Now I have to go and get 10,000 protein bars with, er, something on them...what was that again?

Awesome post.

Can't wait to meet you this year!

Oh, I stress #8 as well. I sometimes come across as snobby because I'm so freakin' ADD that my neck snaps around for each new conversation I hear. If I'm acting like that, feel free to grab my head to face you and tell me to focus.

I'll also add that if you don't want all of your swag, find those who do or use the Zwaggle room if it's back this year. Don't throw it away - there might be someone who can really use that potholder. I scored a sweet (and much needed) pair of shoes for my daughter last year because one of my roommates didn't need them.

And K, you totally leaked my idea for the swag protein bars. ;)

I admit it, I'm one of the ones who needs to match boobs to someone's face. It's just that those freaking nametags can be so hard to read!

I hope all of you enjoy BlogHer. Meanwhile I'll be in a hospital somewhere pushing a child out of my vagina. Just think of that while you party on. That's all.

Excellent! Thanks for the advice!

So touching boobs is a no no? :o)

This post makes me really sad that I'm not going this year, because I'd really like another opportunity to put stuff on Cath.

Perfect, perfect, perfect.

#3 - I was so frustrated by posts afterward where people said they were excluded. Everyone I met was nice, and I was nice to everyone I met.

You can't be close friends with 1,000 women...

So true, all of it! I'm especially down with the whole "what to wear" freakout - while I remember the people I met last year, I couldn't tell you what they were wearing.

#12. Talk to some of the guys. We're afraid.

So yes I have been obsessively thinking about clothes but it was all worth it. I apparently am the only mom on the planet who has never read your blog before. I have just found my new " I should be cleaning my floors,or turning off Dora, I'll just read one more post" blog.



Oh, great. I'm not supposed to pass out, whore myself out on the mic or fondle other bloggers… how will I occupy myself?!

Thank you for this. I have someone to get advice from, but I'm still nervous.

The food part is especially noted. I know how to get to Fronterra Grill from the hotel, so I'll just plan to go there. Rick Bayless here I come!

Thanks for the rundown -- can't wait to meet you all.

Great advice, especially about the food. Make good use out of your mini fridge in your hotel room and stock up on some food when you first arrive.

And is it only four weeks?!?

This is perfect. I had someone ask me if 1000 business cards was enough. I said maybe 100? Or like I'm doing this year: none. Great post and now I can't wait even more.


Thank you for #8! I can be very overwhelmed in crowds and come off as standoffish or snobby, when the truth is, I'm wishing I was under the covers in the fetal position. Great post Kristen!

Great advice Kristen. Especially #10 & 11!

Fairly Odd Mother - try parent blogger. It's gender neutral and feels more grown-up somehow :-)

I'm with Fairly Odd Mother. Unless I have met you, worked with you and/or hung out with you, I will draw a blank until you are no longer talking to me. Then I'll remember everything about you.

Also? I LOATHE the term "Mommy blogger". Blech.

I still get nervous about BlogHer. Which is one reason for why people immediately flock to their friends they've known forever; it's just easier not to freak out that way.

I agree regarding the Friends Don't Let Friends Pitch Friends bit. That is just tacky. Good grief, folks.

Am very pumped about this year's conference, this is also my 4th and it will also be the first in which I am not pregnant or breastfeeding. Finally.

Excellent post!

This was a great post, thanks so much for this. And Thanks for clarifying that I won't be hiding in the corner because I'm a dick LOL!

Also, I think that we need a t-shirt for #11: "Friends Don't Let Friends Pitch Their Friends."


I'm going to skip writing a pre-BlogHer post (other than the Bring Yo Baby post that I did at the BlogHer site) and just link this one all over the f'ing place. Yeah.

(And? I so fit in a suitcase. I'm bendy like that.)

Damn, I planned to follow The Bloggess into the bathroom---I heard that's where she hangs out.

I am so much more comfortable meeting someone whose blog I love when they don't know who I am, versus the opposite. I feel like such an ass when someone says they read my blog and I can't say the same back, or I go blank on their site and can't remember if they have a boy, a girl or write about food.

And, is there a term beside "Mommy blogger" that people use to describe their sites? Personal blogger? Life blogger? I HATE Mommy Blogger with the power of a thousand suns, especially when I'm meeting someone who writes about Math or Gourmet Food.

Thank you so much for this! Such great info!

This is a great post - I particularly love #5 - I was starving last year too and I was not prego or breast feeding! It's funny you mention Sarah's bottle opener because I just used it this weekend!

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