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May 10, 2009


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I would have loved that for Mother's Day. But no I was changing poopy pull ups.

you go, drew!

my 3-year-old had the same idea and went the whole weekend without a single accident. i guess once you truly start eliminating in the potty, there's just no going back...

Woo hoo! Go Drew!!!

Happy Mother's Day! What more can you hope for? :)

I am so frigging jealous it's ridiculous.

Exactly what motherhood is all about. Here's to him learning to adequately wipe himself soon!

Congratulations! It's tough to think of a better present that doesn't involve gold measured in pounds.


Congrats! Hope you get more crap from him in the next days too!

Don't try to sell THAT shit on your Mother's Day Guide.

Cracking my own self up over here.

That would make my whole YEAR! LOL :-) Happy Mother's Day!!!

I think that would have made my mothers day.

Happy Mothers Day!

It really doesn't get any better than that.

Hilarious. My daughter gifted me the same...a long coveted poop in the toilet. First time ever today on mother's day. Then we realized that she had been saving it up so long that it was monstrous and the toilet got clogged. Fun and games.

That is the best present ever!

Heh, you can really say your Mother's Day gift was crap.

Congrats! My son was in underwear for five months before he'd poop in the toilet. He went in the morning and at night, always asking for a diaper first.

You're almost out of the woods. Two down, one more to go (but not for a while yet, poor Margot).

Unless, of course, you fall prey to your husband's drunken request of last night....

rock on love!

We had our first poop about a week ago - it's amazing how excited you can get about poop in the potty!

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