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May 07, 2009


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Motherhood is an experience that we women should all go through.

Happy belated!

OK, as a reader of both of you, I call this the blog equivalent of the Law & Order/Homicide: Life on the Street MFTV Movie. Or The Flinstones meets the Jetsons.

MK from Lincoln, NE

Fucking hawt!

I'm delurking to say that you look f'ing fantastic. I literally stared at the picture and said "daaaaaaaaaaaamn" like I was my husband, and he'd just seen a girl in a bikini on TV. That is all.

kids are cute, our kids like cinderella too

Oh, happy birthday!! And what a wonderful surprise - both from your husband and from Liz =)


Happy Birthday - you both look fan-fucking-tastic. And major points for the huz for making it happen, that's awesome.

happy birthday! that is a great color on you...

Happy Birthday!

And you look fabulous! :-)

Happy Birthday! That sounds like so much fun!

And you really do look fantastic!

Happy Birthday! She told me she was going and I was hoping it would work out!

I would LOVE that for my 33rd birthday at the end of this month. By best friend is in LA.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your night out.

You are looking GRRRRRREAT! And Happy Birthday!

wow! and happy birthday!

Happy Birthday, K!

Happy bday beautiful! My take up today. (Minus the photo of me on no sleep hunching over to make sure you look both prettier and taller. That's what friends do for each other.)

Happy Birthday!!! And you look fantastic!

Happy birthday! The dress is beautiful, and you look fantastic!

Happy Birthday and yes, you look gorgeous!

Happy Birthday and yes, you look gorgeous!

Happy Birthday! Now THAT'S a birthday surprise. :)

happy birthday and gold star for the huz!

Happy Birthday! You both look fantastic!

happy birthday!
oh, and omg! you look great. i need to get started and be a shredhead now. as in NOW!

Happy Birthday! You two look fabulous! Super bonus points to the Huz. That takes creativity.

What a great surprise! And I'm with the other commenters.. you look smokin' in that dress!!

What a perfect surprise!

I'm not sure my huz knows when my birthday is...

Yours gets points!

Happy Birthday to yooooouuuuuu!!!! So glad you had a great day! Love those dresses (on all the girls).

Woo! You two are HOT! Where did you go? The kids look adorable, too!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! You look great!

Yey! you look gorgeous in that dress btw :)

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