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May 20, 2009


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Since I too live where you do, I have some friends who often say "WTFDWL?" Which stands for "Where the F*** Do We Live?!?". And, where we live, that can be applied not only to situations, but also to random people. I love the neighborhood, but the city has its "quirks".

Just what I needed...thanks.

Hope you have a pigless weekend!

It's true--all you can do is to drive around it the best you can and move on!

This was exactly the post I needed to read today. Thanks!

Beautiful. Thank you for the reminder.

If you had been the one to hit that pig, you'd have wrecked the car... for realz!

I hit a wild boar when I was stationed in Germany in the early '80's... bad news.

Breathe, friend.

Suddenly I really want some bacon.

I love this post. When life hands you a dead pig, make bacon. Now that I've said that, I just hope you aren't a vegetarian or easily offended by meat jokes.

I love this post.

I have to admit that my most recent roadkill experience didn't lead to quite so much reflection. So kudos to you, you're a step ahead of me and I don't even have one kid yet =)

I love that you take this and make a funny, but true life lesson out of it. That. Is why your blog rocks!

Single parenting with three kids sounds like a big ol' pig. But you are obviously kicking some pig ass, if you can write about it with humor, instead of hiding under your bed all day! Maybe you should have a KIDS-RAISE-THEMSELVES day, and just let them do whatever they want and see what happens!

First swine flu, and now you dissin' on a big ole dead pig. Just what the swine nation needs.

I think I am the pig.

At least today.

I think I hit the pig.

My whole life is fucking massive dead pig in the road.

It helps to know that you've got a case of the big fucking dead pigs, too. A bit.

I passed a dead baby deer on the highway this morning and thought about how much his mommy must be missing him/her. And then I got teary thinking about how much I love my kids and would be so upset if anything happened to them and I didn't know where they were.

And then I came to work and got a nasty, unexpected e-mail. I couldn't hold back the flood of tears.

That dear deer did it to me!

I've moved on after a quick counseling session with a co-worker and a call to Mom. I hope my kids still call me when they are 35!

Here here! I am really trying not to "sweat the small stuff" as the old cliche goes, but it's hard sometimes, isn't it? We can all use reminders like this!

at least you didn't hit the pig yourself. think of the trauma then!

i'm pretty sure i made that same couch comment to my son about 20 minutes ago.

Ah yes, another thing that could only happen in The South. Sigh. I really really really want to move back to New England. Immediately. Love your blog though! You give me hope -- you're blog is a great thing for me to cling to and chant icandoiticandoiticandoit.

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