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May 04, 2009


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Wait - those aren't good mother's day gifts? Shoot, what am I going to do with all the cleaning products I wrapped? *sigh*

i can't wait to see your sexy ass!

You look great Kristen--no one is going to notice your turquoise dress as they'll be too busy scoping your newly sculpted bod.

On a separate note... Whenever I read blogs for a long time (or whenever I read through the entire archives of a blog and then continue reading said blog) I start to hear the author's voice in my head, like the narrator of a story. Weird, I know. It's always a little strange for me when I find out that the narrator in my head sounds nothing like the author of the blog.

You look fab! Well done!!

Congrats on the TV spot! Great job.

oh...and I guess I am just catching on to the fact that the wedding you are in (in early May) wasn't May 2nd but probably next weekend, which is MOTHER'S DAY! Who the heck gets married on Mother's Day weekend? wow.

You look amazing! Good for you.

You rock! You're a natural on TV... watch out Kathy Lee and Hoda!!

You did a great job highlighting the products and you look amazing! You are an inspiration. I am buying the SHRED today!!

You looked awesome! I was a little confused about the mother's day spin the show put on it... seemed more like just cool eco friendly stuff. But you rocked.

I was not awake to see it live, but I did see it through the website.

congrats on losing 20lbs!!! wow!!!

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