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May 11, 2009


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I hate to be a big stupid bragger, but my older son is an awesome flyer. He falls asleep before take off and wakes up just as we're pulling into the next gate.

I say this because we haven't tried flying with our younger son yet, and I'm sure I will get paid back ten fold. We've got a 4 hour flight in July to find out that Baby #2 is also the opposite of his brother in this way too.

There will be good plane rides and bad plane rides. You had treats. You paid attention. You tried. Next time will be better.

Best advice I ever got was to remember that it was my family members whom I would see again, not the assholes disgusted with the lot of us. The hell with courtesy to others.

...but not APPLE beer, right?

Love that you had him looking for birds outside -- classic! ;)

I feel your pain! Amen to all who don't care what the other passengers think. We fly with our 13 month old A LOT, I think we've taken 8 trips with him so far...The last few flights we've made sure he's the un-official greeter for the plane so everyone see how cute and (semi) well-behaved he is before take off. that way when he melts down they don't take it as badly.

I just hope the beer you had afterward had nothing to do with apples.

Tacy called everything in a can "beer" too. In public. Spoken to strangers: "That your beee-ah?" Only here, there was no blame game. Kyle proudly took credit.

Glad you're back safely.

Ha, that reminds me of taking my 6mo daughter from Boston to Portland alone! (ok, I had some friends with me but no spouse) She was a CHAMP all the way there and all the way back, from Portland to DC. But on the packed, long-delayed-while-on-runway, tiny plane from DC to Boston, she screamed the entire time. At one point, she even pooped, but I couldn't change her diaper in the teeny bathroom or on my seat b/c we would've all died from the fumes trapped in the plane. The poor business guy sitting next to me stared so hard out the window, I thought he'd gone into a trance. Good times.

Even the most well behaved kids (which mine are not) have a plane meltdown story under their belt.

I think the fact that they made it to the end of the trip is a good sign. If they have to meltdown, it's easier when you know you are almost home.

Apple beer...love that one. And hey, you made it, the wedding is over, you are free!

Wing and a fucking prayer, seriously. I've seen far worse than my kids have been guilty of as I've used the in-flight can after adults. Flying has always been hard, I think 9 times out of 10 we feel worse than we should. That one time that it is that bad, all of us/those not in the middle of it should just count our blessings that it isn't us.

I relish the looks of horror I get when I board a plane with my (very young kids). The looks of "Please, God, don't let them sit next to me..." Which reminds me of a Family Guy episode:

Guy on Airplane: Oh great, I always end up sitting next to a damn baby.

Stewie: What did you just say?

Lois: Stewie, stop fussing.

Stewie: Pipe down Lois. (Slaps guy on head.) Hey big man, turn around. Oh you can't hear me now. I was going to watch the movie, but forget it. For the next 5 hours, you're my bitch.

That reminds me of my boys (4 and 2) running up and down the broken people mover on my first international trip. Running and screaming, screaming and running. I had to turn my back on all the evil stares from parents with perfectly quiet and well-behaved children waiting to board. Well, on the plane, my kids were the only ones that fell asleep and, four hours later, at midnight, all the other kids were the ones screaming and struggling. I would have laughed at the other parents but I was napping. Karma can be a wonderful thing.

I am going to be flying for the first time with my daughter who will be 14 months old at that time. I am terrified! However, it is a good thing that I don't give a flute what other people think of me! :)

i feel your pain, sista'! imagine this, though...a 24-hour flight around the world with a one-year-old and a 3 1/2 year-old. yes, that is what i did this past winter (my family lives in thailand). i think i likened it to a bad acid trip????

see here:

I heard somewhere that you will get two kinds of looks from people during "meltdown" situations. The first look is from sympathetic parents that completely understand and try to give you a thumb's up. The other look is the look of disgust and this is from people who don't have kids. And quite frankly, their opinion doesn't matter.

I've had my share of meltdowns, too. Godspeed my sister friend.

What goes around comes around. Before my son came along, I was part of the ranks of arm chair parents who judged like the worst of them. I've now had my share of airplane meltdowns (we travel a lot), and I will never again make a nasty comment about the way a parent deals with those oh so fun public meltdowns. We're all just trying to survive!

Oh, and you looked hawt! Jillian would be proud!

That is my nightmare. We fly with the boys at least once a year. This year I flew with them both by myself for the first time. I was fully expecting meltdown city, and was pleasantly surprised when it was only marginally bad. So, my new attitude about flying with kids is to expect the worse, so maybe, just maybe, I'll end up thinking it didn't go so bad after all.

Awesome Twitter feed, by the way. I caught up on it this morning. The blueness of it all! Your MIL?!?! Your kids are freaking adorable, though!

My husband and I took our 2 grown daughters and their 3 kids, all under the age of 3, on a plane trip to Disney in January for a WHOLE FREAKIN WEEK!!!
( it was what my husband wanted to do for his 50 birthday!)

My God, 4 adults couldn't wrangle 3 kids in and out of strollers and car seats and into restaurants and Lion King shows and planes and pools etc..........

The 2 youngest screamed the entire way home and the oldest Kicked the back of the seat in front of him for 2 hours solid. At the end of the trip, the young woman in front of him stood up, turned around and said, "It's a good thing you are cute or I would slap your face"

I didn't blame her!!!

I think you're right, that does happen to everyone. You just can't control every situation.

But that won't stop any of us from trying, will it? =)

I say if you were able to hold off the meltdown until the END of your trip, you did better than okay...and you deserve to have a beer (or 6)!

The great news? It happened in front of a plane full of passengers that you'll never see again. Could have happened in front of a church full of people and a SIL who would NEVER LET YOU FORGET IT.

Welcome to the club!

Good for you to realize that it does happen to everyone. That Sanctimommy staring at you from 3 rows away? She'll get hers someday. In spades.

Glad you all made it home safe and sound.

Are you sure that was water, or is your husband just getting older? :)

I'd love to say something smarmy about the whole plane situation, but we're flying in June and I don't want to jinx myself too badly.

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