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April 06, 2009


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Hilarious. Whenever I see women wearing gorgeous gold crosses around their necks, perhaps studded in sparkly stones, I think, do you realize that you're displaying a torture device as jewelry? Nice.

I do have to say, though, that I used to be extremely skeptical of the resurrection story, but then learned more about the historical evidence, and it's actually scarily persuasive - more evidence there than supports lots of other historical happenings from the Roman Empire that we take as truth.

When my son was 4 I explained that Jesus was really a superhero who did what no other could - died and came back to life. He seemed to buy this. Then we kinda dropped out of Catholicism this year when first grade CCD was such a bad scene for all of us. After Obama's inauguration speech he wanted to know what a 'non-believer' was, so I told him. He now tells me he is a non believer whenever I make noises about going to church. (That noise you just heard was my mother rolling over in her grave.)

Oh, thank you. I LOVE your candor!!

Thank you - I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks the Passion is a bit much for four year olds. The other parents in the room seem fine with it.

Haven't had the cleaning effect yet...still a few days before Easter so I'm still hoping.

I'm in the same boat: I'm not particularly religious, but it turns out the best school for my daughters is a nearby Catholic one. At first I was discouraged, but then (reflecting on the small dose of Catholic teaching in my youth) I remembered this: it gave me something very clear to rebel against. Isn't that what religion is for?

Hilarious. I'm going to start talking up Jesus tomorrow.

My daughter started pre-k at a Catholic school this year too and although I grew up Catholic I had no memory of my parents explaining the man on the cross to me. So we're sitting in church on Saturday and my daughter pulls my sleeve to ask, "why are there nails in his feet?" I had no idea what to say...what a bad Catholic I am. When we got home she asked me again why they nailed Jesus to a cross and I told her it was because he loved us enough to die for us. She replied, "that whole love thing is over rated."

My daughter came home from school last year (kindergarten at Catholic school) and told me, you know what the awful thing about Lent is? JESUS DIES!
As for her room, yeah, Catholic school has done nothing about that. If Jesus comes back, he'll be greeted with Barbies and Littlest Pet Shop carpeting her floor.

Wait, he's coming back THIS WEEKEND? And he's looking in preschoolers' underwear drawers? Now that is an interesting image.

OMG... this makes me crack up! I send my kids to a Christian preschool even though we haven't set foot in church since BEFORE Christmas. Don't I suck? But my kids come up with all kinds of great stuff like this. My favorite is they have to be good because God can see them everywhere and they want God to know they are good. Ha.....too bad they AREN'T good. :-)

Time for the Evolution Sucks T-shirt, baby.

Niiiice and folded.

Oh those Catholics can getcha to do anything with that whole "Jesus is coming back" thing.

My 7 year old STILL retains what information he "thinks" he learned from his one year at a Christian preschool (We are spiritual but not religious. I don't believe in rules when it comes to faith in an afterlife).

ANYWAY. Just sayin. It had a longer lasting effect than I had planned on. My youngest is NOT going to a religious preschool!

Did she happen to mention when Jesus was coming?? We're definitely not ready.

I am REALLY hoping Jesus doesn't care about dirty laundry. Or he is JUST going to have to wait until I'm finished to come back.

Or maybe i'll just go straight to hell and there's a good chance my hell will BE piles of laundry for infinity.

I have to go cry now.

My four-year-old said in his nightly prayer... "...and thank you God for dying Jesus on the cross..."

There is no way Q organized that drawer like that! That is awesome! She needs to preach this gospel of clean drawers to all little girls me thinks.

that's great - I still remember as a little girl (in Rome) being so concerned about Jesus coming to see me while in the church that I would worry the entire time about when he would finally show up. I was always disappointed when he didn't...but it made me act well...

Hell, if he's got time to help baseball players hit run and rap stars win Grammy's, why not a preschooler who needs a little divine intervention in the underwear folding department?

I especially love that she thinks that of all the places on earth, Jesus is going to make sure to hit her room.

And judge it.

I sent all my kids to a Jewish preschool and an episcopal elementary school... so far so good - a little confused but definitely good fear and anxiety in there.

hah! nothing like the fear of god. LOL.

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one in this situation! I mean, the uncertainty about the role of faith in our family, not the room cleaning. Julia won't even clean for Jesus.

Wow. Maybe I need to rethink my stance on Catholic schools. You don't even want to know what my kid's underwear drawer looks like. :)

Truthfully though. That would freak me the f out. M talks about death enough. I'm not sure I want her asking questions about dying on crosses.

LOL! After seeing that cleaning, I think I may need to rethink raising my shild as a godless heathen.

Jesus is going to LOVE her skully pajamas. I know I DO!!

Hmmmm . . . good thing the secular private school my son attends just accepted my daughter. We were getting worried and looking at
Catholic schools (I'm protestant, my hub is Jewish) and were a little concerned about dealing with the religious thing. The public schools here are not an option. We would have had to tailor the cleaning the room story for my mother in law - - maybe cleaning for Elijah?

Glad to see you're keeping it all in perspective.

Who would've thought a tidy underwear drawer and a resurrection had so much in common?

No worries about cleaning for Jesus in our (Jewish) home, but after watching "Prince of Egypt" last night my 4yo, firstborn, son announced he hated the movie so much he wanted to bury it in the backyard, never to be seen again. Maybe I can get my kids to clean the kitchen cabinets for Elijah (who comes to visit the seder meal). You think? Nice skull francie-pantss!!! :)

She is so sweet! And hey, if a dead man is what it takes to get a tidy room? THEN A DEAD MAN IS WHAT IT TAKES.

That is so sweet! Love that story!

Hey, my four year old has the same Francie Pants. Sadly, her drawers are nowhere near ready for Jesus' inspection.

Jesus as IG, eh?

Now *that's* impressive cleanup inspiration.

I'm impressed. Her Jesus looks very cheerful in that picture, cross notwithstanding. -Christine

I have a 16 year old who could learn a thing or two from Quinlan.

My nephew came home from (Southern Baptist) preschool in tears one day. He had "learned" that since my family doesn't go to church, that we're going to suffer in the fiery pits of hell. He was THREE! My sister had no issue with this though... guess she thinks so too.

just you wait! When Tessie went to a religious preschool, she twisted the whole Jesus thing around. They were having a "party for Jesus's Birthday" and we were to bring apples, only she told me that *I* would make Jesus cry if I didnt let her bring party hats too.

WOW - Please tell Quinlan that my house is also NOT ready for Jesus and once she is done get her house Jesus ready to please come to NJ and help me out! I have such a mess in this house and I don't think the excuse "But Jesus I am 32 weeks pregnant with some serious Sciatic nerve problem"...LOL

I had an 'incident' at a park with two kids. My 4 year old was up in the jungle gym with a bigger boy and his little sister and they asked him "who made you" He looked at me with such loving in his eyes and said "Mommy did" the two kids said "no she didn't, GOD MADE YOU" and chanted "GOD MADE YOU" over and over again. It got kinda scary so we left the park. The mom of those kids was reading a Redbook mag nearby on a bench and didn't even bat an eye. I wonder if their room is clean?

I see London, I see France, I see Quinlan's Francie Pants!

(Yes, I know that has nothing to do with anything. Just made me giggle to see 'em, there!)

Hmmm...so maybe that classical education I dream of providing for my children need not be handled at home after all. Does Jesus want mommies to clean up, too? How much time do we have exactly?

That's fantastic, I might have to try that one.

My daughter goes to a church school and often tells me she's been speaking to Jesus himself.

We visited friends for dinner yesterday and as everything went quiet she announced 'Jesus died on a cross' ... which was nice.

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