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April 27, 2009


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Those are nice glasses. A good style for you.

I have the same glasses- in a different style- but they're a little dirty. I'm thinkin' an extra Zoloft will do the trick for me. Or some sleep.

I am in your shoes right now too. Except you should count yourself lucky bedtime is at 7pm. My two year old won't sleep until 9-10pm and still wakes up at 7am.

A 7pm bedtime would be AWESOME.

It's not easy doing it alone. Glad you were able to see things in a new light.

Every so often, the universe gives us one of those nice slow easy pitches to make up for all the curve balls. Would be nice if there were more of them, but we take the ones we can get.

YAY! You're on Amazon! CONGRATULATIONS! Can't wait to pre-order my copy. You're my hero. Love you.

Lovely way to see the world. Atta girl. :) And I'm not known for blowing air up anyone's skirt - your ass *does* look tiny.

Absolutely perfect! I have friends that have said the same thing, "A WHOLE weekend alone with the kids?? Seriously?" but it isn't bad. I try to find times to pass the time, and focus on the happy times, and try to quickly forget the not-so-happy times!

I was so happy about your book so I went and pre-ordered it. And then I saw the expected release date and was like, "Excited, much?"

So hopefully this means when I see you at BlogHer 2010, I can have you autograph it. :)

Great post. I'm frustrated with my kids more often than not, then magically, one trip to the emergency room completely changes my world view.

My husband is leaving for a week tomorrow. First time I'll be alone with the kids. Terrifying thought, but it'll probably result in some great blog posts!

The blog has become MY new glasses...

I'd love a pair of those glasses. At least the ones where my ass is tiny. Congrats on the book.

I want new glasses that make my ass look tiny.

Thank you for making us all feel "normal" if there is such a thing and not psychotic when we have meltdowns.

P.S. Have you tried a pacifier with the baby as my son did the same thing and that's what my doctor told me. It not only gave my breasts reprieve but gave me mobility as well.

Congrats on your book! I can't wait to see the cover art. And those long weekends can get long, but it sounds like you're staying sane :)

If you can figure out how to market and sell those glasses, I'd love to buy some.

Or the weekend away - I could use one of those!

it's great when someone can give you a little much needed perspective :-)

Glad I'm not alone! I think we could all use a girls night out (or a few). It should be a requirement for moms that you must go out childless x amount of times. Too bad planning a girls night out is sometimes harder than actually getting your kids out the door.

This is a great post. It sums up how I feel most days. How I think most moms feel. Thanks for sharing.

p.s. Book preordered? Done and done! :-)

So needed to read this as I begin my week alone with the kids while H is gone for work.

DId I mention that it is in the 90s and the A/C just died and the repairman who was supposed to be here at 9 will now be here at 3.

I need to find the door to the other side.

It's hard sometimes to reconcile the intense joy you get out out your kids with the absolute exhaustion that comes with the cleaning/cooking/feeding/working of it all. Being a military wife (or sometimes single mom juts make it a little harder, no?

Glad you are on the other side K. I spent Friday and Saturday in an irritable, grouchy, subpar parenting funk - really wasn't sure what was going on but my patience was really limited.

I came through on the other side yesterday (not sure how I hopped to the other side but thank god...) and it was a huge, huge relief. I probably planted about 100 kisses on L's face yesterday. -Christine

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