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April 19, 2009


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I'm іmpгessed, I have to admit. Seldom do I encounter a blog that's both educative and interesting, and withοut a doubt, you'vе hit the nail on the head. The issue is an issue that not enough folkѕ are speaking intelligently about. Now i'm very haρpy that I came across this in my search for something regarding this.

My younger brother took scissors to my eyelashes when I was napping once. Yes we were toddlers, and no i didn't get my eyes poked out because they were safe, kid-proof scissors. (Like this one: http://static-p3.fotolia.com/jpg/00/06/99/92/400_F_6999222_s9Kw1GFpMIwMEiPu4h9U9Ca5Y3Kzx3Fg.jpg)

You got off easy, for sure.

I believe it's Braille for, "It was like that when I got here."

Aw, come on Mom, it's art. Don't stifle creativity.

Winks & Smiles,

I once glued cotton balls on my little sister's face to make her look like Santa Claus... Sometimes I am very glad to only have one child ;-)

Another reminder as to why I have to keep all of the Sharpie's under lock and key! Too Funny!

Poor kiddo!

I guess it's better than bitemark tattoos, though. That's what I used to give my little sister...

Heh. So cute they want to be like mommy. :)

my son put red egg dye on his 18 mo old brother's head the day before easter...He looked like he had some horrible head gash!

Better than the bite marks on my son's leg.

Kids are really funny and annoying sometimes. I admire your patience.

At least its just dots. When mine tattoo one another, it's usually quite elaborate. Faces, peace signs, flowers, letters...

Stopping by your site for the first time! Thanks for the laughter!!

It's Braille for 'I was here first.'

At least it wasn't a mustache on her face.

At least it's not a line? :)
Like in Braille has three dots so it's close to it :)

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