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April 23, 2009


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Oh how I wish I had read this when you posted it. Margot is only a couple of weeks younger than my son and I think you and I are going through some of the same phases together. The difference, of course, being that you have two that you've already tested your wisdom on and this is my first. I was afraid of the same thing with the fruits and realized the same thing... duh, breast milk IS sweet. Pfft. Anyway, I am making my own baby food about 85% of the time. And I only feed him solids when it's convenient for me... to which my grandmother scoffed. He doesn't NEED it... this is the same woman who had my father on cereal at two weeks because he just seemed so hungry. Welcome to the world of my obese family... whatever.

My son is 6 months old and it has been so much fun introducing new foods to him. I just use my gut instinct and feed him fruit, veggies, some oatmeal, rice cereal etc. But I'm jealous that you get advice! I never get parenting advice which is weird but the other day I got my first bit of advice and it was the craziest advice ever. I wrote about it on my new blog (funny story). http://www.pantiesinanuproar.com

My kids were not cereal enthusiasts. My son, in fact, was violently allergic. Mine both ended up eating Cheerios and green beans, having rejected baby food out of hand. You are right. No one knows what they are doing.

It's ridiculous how many differing opinions there suddenly are when it comes to feeding your child! The best advice I got was to just go with your mommy gut!

I'm a part of a great mommy message board where we all debate/talk about simlar subject- you should join us! http://www.chatterscene.com/csboards/register.php?referrerid=155

As long as her first foods aren't twinkies and ho-hos washed down with Mountain Dew, you're doing fine.

I love reading about the back process of your picking what to feed. So glad I'm not the only nut trying to process far too much info. Sometimes, I pine for more ignorance.

Dang, the memory of feeding my first child just came into focus...I remember being SO confused and worried. Isn't it amazing how the advice business can muddle up something so...natural?

Ok, the Asian child with a rice allergy just cracks me up. Sort of like the dairy farmer's kid who is allergic to milk.

I totally loved the oatmeal cereal, but that is just my assvice.

Oh, and the crunchy granola mom, totally get you on that one. My first foods were avocados and SPROUTS. Hah!

My best baby feeding story is as follows:

I did not realize that prunes were far more medicinal, to a 7 month old, than food-like. She ate most of a jar of baby food prunes.

And then her poop shot four feet across the room.

It's all just a grand experiment, isn't it? At least if she eats table food or bananas and such that will eliminate having to buy baby food!

Jasper wouldn't take anything that he couldn't hold in his hand. Which actually became the key to getting him to take a bottle: find the bottle that he could hold comfortably (that, and go away overnight.) Emilia luuuurved her rice cereal and anything mushy. Still does.

Go figure.

My second child is 7 months old. With my first, I was totally stressed out about starting solids and am I doing this right and is this enough/too much etc. And I had that tendency this time around and then I was like, you know this is just practice, it's just filler till she can chew real food, whatever. That has been a huge weight lifted. So Amen, sister, do whatever works and it works out in the end, right?

I'm absolutely loving this post :) thanks a ton!! Emma is 3.5 months old now and I'm getting so many "helpful" suggestions about when to start her on food - and what kinds... glad to know it's not an exact science and I won't screw her up completely if I do it the "wrong order" and whatnot :)


Whatever you have decided to do, I am here to say it is absolutely the wrong thing.

No, ur not setting her up for Dunkin Donuts. You're doing her a big favor. (u already know this). Breastmilk is THE BEST & not too many moms can handle even 6 months of what you're going through. Go you! Do it for the kids. heehee.

I SWEAR its like finding your way through a freakin MINE field BLINDFOLDED! No two children are remotely alike, and even the simplist things like eating are a royal pain! There's no book, no diagram, and most of all NO RHYME or reason and then EVERYONE is an expert with advice to give you. I HATE that because as I said, no two are alike and our children damn sure aren't like we were umpteen years ago (are you hearing me mom - times have changed!). Okay, I'm done venting now.

Jeez, sorry for the novel.. I didn't realize that comment was that long-winded till I hit submit.

I have one of those babies who needs to be eating 24 hours a day too. After I went back to work, the stress of keeping up with pumping while I was away from him ate a decent size whole in my intestines - this I'm sure of. I counted the minutes until I could add some real food to his diet, taking some of the pressure of poor, strung-out mommy.

So, he started eating baby food at 4 months. We started with the cereal and the jars (just like with his brother) but this time around the food from the jars made me want to vomit. So I checked out www.wholesomebabyfood.com and found that the whole baby-food-making stuff isn't nearly as hard as I'd made it out to be. I used fresh apples for the applesauce because it was so easy, but almost everything else I used was frozen. This made it considerably cheaper and easier. Every two weeks I'd spend a few hours on a Sunday whipping up batches of babyfood and store it in the freezer. We did this until he was about 7 months old, then he just started eating regular old tablefood cut up really small.

I also added organic cow's milk to his diet when he was 10 months (along with breastmilk, food, and water)... don't give a shit what my Ped would say about it... frankly I don't think they even look at my child half the time they're dishing out their advice.

You just do whatever it is that your mommy-intuition guides you to do, and so long as you're not hanging your baby out the window or letting her play in oncoming traffic, we'll assume you're making the best choice for her.

Both of my girls were different when it came to food. I say do what's right for her and don't worry about what 'they' say.

Glad Margot is over the rash & here's hoping that no more food related ones pop up!

Hear hear! #2 won't eat fruit or 'baby yoghurt', only veg and now chicken. She sure looked as though she was about to grab some fish and chips off my plate the other day too, and some of her brother's Easter chocolate. Had already given her some 'forbidden' items when the pediatrician gave me the latest 'dos and don'ts' guide. Like, er, no rice till 1 year? Huh? Good luck!

My #3 broke out in a diaper rash when we fed her rice cereal too. The nurse laughed at me when I told her that I suspected it was from the cereal even though she had NEVER had a diaper rash before. It's happened every time we've fed her rice cereal. Oatmeal cereal turned out to be okay for her though. Now she mostly eats what we eat. She's 11 months now. (We didn't start the cereal until 6 months.)

We had no such issues with the first 2 kids.

Yeah, I got nuthin. Westley loved baby food for about a week, and then wouldn't touch it. Then he started snatching the food right off my plate.

My favorite homemade baby food site is http://www.babyfood101.com
There is so much different advice out there - it is really crazy.
I hope this is helpful.

Poor baby! Hope the rash heals quickly and she doesn't develop another one.

My favorite advice was from my pediatrician when my husband and I said we wanted to just start our daughter off on mushy foods like bananas and avacados (we're those people).

She said: There are millions of babies in the world, and millions of different ways to feed them. Just find what works for your baby and for you.

I love that woman.

Mine ate rice cereal and baby oatmeal for a long time, mixed with fruit. So I guess I did it all wrong. ;)

I feel your pain. I did make my own baby food for months with mixed results. She ate it sometimes, but turned her nose up at it most of the time. Then we went away for a weekend and I forgot her food. I rushed to the store and got her jarred baby food and she's been gobbling it down since. I feel like she is way behind on the eating when the doctor asked me at the nine month appointment if she was on table foods yet. No, she still has no teeth. Everything I read gives different and often conflicting advice.

Tess was eating chicken at seven months, not puree either...good ol' chunks. Why so early? Well La Leche says they need the iron. Wow, another differing opinion. The whiplash is outta control on they YES and NO of what you can and cannot do. Who knows what the right choice is. I pile food high on her tray from the same serving bowls as us (assuming it's not on the "Oh My Gawd! not before a year" list)and let her eat until full becasue I can't get a straight answer on how much is a serving for a baby. She's nearly 9 months and I haven't killed her yet. I'm amazed at how that first birthday is the magic number...as if some fairy dust is crapped on the kid and she can magically eat everything within reach on her special day. So there you have it from a very frustrated first time mom. It helps to know I'm not the only one frustrated by the whole "Solids" process. :)

Yeah, I planned to start with avocado (I was raised by those parents too) until Henry demanded otherwise by flinging himself back and forth in his high chair and screaming while grabbing at the black beans I was eating... he was about 7 months old. He'd been a really calm baby up until that point so I figured if he was that insistent about it, I'd just go with it. So mushed up black beans it was.

My son LOVES rice cereal but when it comes to other baby foods he gets that "sour fish-lip" look on his face and then gives me the "are you trying to kill my taste buds?!?!" look. Baby food...fun.

I totally went through all the same stuff. The internet is terrible for providing to much information. I'm glad to know that even a pro mom struggles in the face of the 1000's of choices.

Ultimately, we just gave Linus whatever we were eating because there was no way I was making a separate meal for him. Like Drew, he was a hardcore solids eater by 8 months. I think he even had steak (cut into teeny tiny bites) before he turned one.


I never knew so much went into baby food. Good luck with Margot!

it's a wonder we all (much less our children) made it out alive with all the "information" (mis- and opposing) we are bombarded with when it comes to the care and feeding of babies. hope Margot is recovering from the rash, that's always alarming.
love your blog and your attitude about how to grow your little ones.

It's a toss up what will work for each one. Mine will eat anything. Cereal, banana, baby food, those puffy baby crack things, lent. Yep, anything.

I can't believe these babies are at a mobile and eating age. When did that happen?

You could hypnotize yourself with the frequent pendulum swings on the feeding advice for children. Have you followed the peanut debate -- oy vey! Feed them peanuts before a year, no wait for after a year, no just before a year, no wait until after they are two if peanut allergies run in your family. YIKES! It's a wonder we Americans are able to raise healthy children at all. There are so many countries where what to feed your child is not given a second's thought. Have you ever seen video of eskimo children eating meat off of a VERY sharp knife? AND THEY LIVE TO TELL!! We have bigger things to worry about, but no matter what you decide, you will be criticized -- didn't we already have this debate between nursing and formula?

I seriously think the solid food thing is one of the most stressful parts of the baby year. Angsty!

Organic baby oatmeal? My nephew digs it.

My son totally turned orange because the only solid (well, pureed) foods he would eat at first were carrots and sweet potatoes. What's awesome is at the time, I couldn't figure it out. I was like, why is your face all orange? Is your nose going to look like Bozo the clown forever? And then I realized that everything he ate was orange as well. After my mom pointed it out. I felt really, really smart. It's all a learning process.


Remember when my kid WAS orange from all the sweet potatoes??

It looked like I gave her a bad spray tan for an upcoming pageant.

Oh yes, the "which way is the right way" ordeal. I don't think there's ever going to be the perfect way to introduce foods. Everyone is quick to give their own opinion though. I thought my daughter wasn't ready for food when she started cereal at 6 months (constantly spitting it out). Little did I know all she wanted was something with more texture and substance. She devoured little bits of turkey like I had been starving the poor child. Just gotta go with the flow!

The so called experts don't even know what to do with foods in adults. Eggs are goo, no they're bad, no just the yolks are bad, no whole eggs are ok but only a few days a week..... It's all a crapshoot.

Loved the post. My son will be 6 months on Monday and we started him on cereal about a month ago. We added veggies 2 weeks ago. So far so good. He's my first so it's an even bigger crap shot at what I'm doing.

Yup, throwing darts in the dark. I've all but started feeding Fin peanuts. Oy!

I also have three children and am at a loss (when? how much? what to start with? and not to mention the mess!)each time it comes to starting solids. You would think by the third child I would be less irritated by the whole process!

So very true!

Ah, the food thing. I don't think anyone knows what to do. I just follow my baby's lead, so each child has been introduced to foods differently.

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