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April 03, 2009


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We're splitting chores into a two-part process, so Mira and Cordy work together at cleaning. Recently they were trained to put cans into the recycling bin. Mira hands them to Cordy, and Cordy puts the cans into the bin.

But if ever the two of them are in a different room and it's quiet, be worried.

I have twin daughters who are very naughty too!

That's why I let my kids strew the pots/pan/spatulas and apparently the greatest prize of all... THE SIFTER... all over the house. My husband thinks I'm nutso.

Luann -- That's just a good reason to never buy green jello :)

So I suppose you'd think it was funny when I came downstairs to find my oldest (4) had passed out green jello containers to his sister (2.5) and brother (18 months) and taught them to fling it with the spoon alllll over the kitchen.

As usual I love your writing, but today I am just gushing about the picture! That smile! That little tongue! I can just feel the happy energy coming off of these two. :)

I intentionally leave the junk drawer in the kitchen open for just that purpose. Drives my husband nuts, but I'd rather spend a few minutes cleaning up after bedtime than listening to shrieking and screaming.

I find it funny when my kids try to scheme to overturn mom. It fails every time...
But I do 'encourage' them to clean and sometime it works and when it doesn't I show some Italian temper...than cleaning seems more fun than listening to mom scold them :)

I couldn't agree more! And if you happen to stumble across the magic button that makes them find cleaning is fun please let me know. I’ve been looking for it for years. ;)

I've got a girl/boy dynamic duo and they definitely keep me on my toes with their various attempts at coup d'etats.

I'm a little afraid the overthrow might be successful come the teen age years!

Oh so adorable! I remember plotting with my little brother as well. I can't wait until my daughter is old enough to plot plans to take over the world!

Like you said, better than fighting. I know my time is coming soon. My boys are 7 and 2. The 2yo already has more common sense than the 7yo, and common sense kids will really wreak havoc.

How adorable! I remember loving when the kids in my family were old enough to start jabbering on together and plotting great destruction. CUTE!

I can totally relate - my two are 2 and 4 as well and I could sit and watch them play together for hours... if it wasn't for having to clean the house at least :) We bought them a walkie talkie set at xmas and opened it up last night - my daughter was using it and pretty much yelling.... I had to remind her the entire point of it was to be able to be heard w/o yelling! It was rather adorable hearing "sissy to bubba" though :)

One of the things that continues to amaze me most about being a parent is just how often I find myself PRETENDING to be offended and outraged, while secretly, silently, in my head, either laughing hysterically or saying "You go, kid!"

Sounds like they had a blast - if you're lucky one of them will be like my nephew and become obsessed with vacuuming. So handy! :)

That's sweet, but I'll agree with Bill, that power must only be used for good.

Pin your hopes for the 'Cleaning is FUN!' gene onto that one on the left.

That's just my guess...

Very cute...as long as they continue to use their power for good instead of evil! Bwaahh ha haahhh! (that was supposed to be my evil laugh)

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