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March 27, 2009


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Crucial Tip, fresh from my LLL meeting where my guys was actively clamping down in front of an audience: when they bite, pull them in close to your boob. When you pull them in their little noses get covered and they open their mouth. For the naysayers, nobody's getting smothered, they let go immediately so it's only an instant.

It worked for me, like magic.

We have four girls with the youngest 12 months. With each one I swore I woundn't bf again bc of the pain but the love and instinct is just too strong not to do it.

cutie :-) we weaned today bc mine won't. stop. biting. i tried every method to stop it i could find, but he's past one yr, so i'm just done. it was getting to the point where i was afraid i would show up in the ER with a nipple (MY NIPPLE) in my hand and the surgeon would be like... 'well why the fuck didn't you wean him?!' and then he would tell me i will not grow a new nipple. and that would suck. more than the sadness of weaning.

Kristen, My son crawled this week. Crawled. Six months old and I can not believe he is capable of crawling. They grow so freaking fast.

She's beautiful.

Ouch, I can hear your screams. There were a few bites I got toward the end with my younger daughter, and I was afraid to look down. I really thought there was a possibility that my nipple would be GONE! It hurts THAT bad. I feel your pain. Though not at the moment I don't.

Oh she's so cute! You just wanna bite her! lol

Ouch, my son quit breastfeeding before that stage:) They grow up so fast. I still think of my son as a baby to which I am corrected every time by him that he is not.

Aww...they really grow up so fast!

She is so freakin' cute! Just look at those cheeks!

I'm still mourning that my baby will be a two year old in exactly two months.

They do grow fast.

I think that the first 6 weeks are the longest bits of their lives, then you BLINK and they're little people, with individual personalities and stuff.

She's absolutely adorable!

Squeee! She's adorable!

My baby is there right now too. Only, he still doesn't have teeth. I hope I get that awesome toothless grin for a while longer. Its the best.

Nom nom. She's the edible one. ;)

Good thing they're cute!
She's pretty darn cute.

Yes. It is quiet surprising when they seem to turn from helpless lumps of skin and bones into grabby, drooly, nipple munching monsters!

Congrats on your latest monster! Don't blink, she'll be in school before you know it.

How about when they hold onto your necklace and headbutt you repeatedly...ugh.

Yup, sometimes it feels like they change daily - and I've been there with the nipple munchy. Yow!

As the mother of 2, it really does take humor to make it all work! http://ohhhgirl.wordpress.com/

How adorable. :)


So true.

My babies are 15 and 14, and it is only yesterday they were Margot's size.

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