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March 10, 2009


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the thought of cleaning the poop off my daughter's legs and the ENTIRE baby-neglect-o-saucer still brings me shudders... and she's 21 months!
thanks for your blog... i just discovered it through a link!

Ah... the "circle of neglect". I had two. For my twin boys. And I do believe that when I put them in, it was the first time in their first 6 months of life that I felt anything less than sheer panic while parenting.

The jolly jumpers were life-savers as well, if my repressed memories serve me right...

I love Katie's comment about Mama Bowels. I have nearly crapped myself in public no less than ten times since becoming a mom (losing control competely only once in a mad dash to the Target bathroom, following a stomach flu). When I finally reach the restroom, why is it always locked and occupied by a 300 lb woman who must be taking a sponge bath in the sink for all the time that passes from flush to exit?
So glad it isn't just me.

Amen on the laxative action!! What do they make those things out of?? Both of my kids were susceptible to the force. And I do mean force...

I'm sorry, but I have to look past the adorable baby to compliment your housework. I think you have the cleanest carpet I have ever seen.

My daycare has the same one with the monster puppet on it. My childs is deathly afraid of it.

It's so true. Shaggy ALWAYS poops in the 'saucer.

He also poops while eating.

And sleeping.

And sitting.

Pretty much, he poops all the time.

Here I thought I was SO smart for figuring it out, and I am chagrined that everyone else knew too.

I agree with other posters... worth the loss of living room real estate (which is substantial) even with the sound turned on. Sigh.

I am still wiping coke off my screen for heels' comment about the drain holes in the bottom of the saucer.

I freakin' love those things. First time I could put my first daughter down in something, without her screaming bloody murder. But they are so damn ugly.

HAHA Michelle "His best work"


I swear that is the ONLY way I got a shower, or ate as well. My kids both LOVED this thing! I swear buy it, and would refer to it going forward as a "Mommy Savior"!

Well I'm glad the know that it wasn't just my DD who pooped everytime she was in her exersaucer.

Why is it that kids get in those things and then poop themselves up-the-back-into-their-hair silly?

That's a whole lotta stuff to do on that thing!! Wow, can you take some of it off? My kids wouldn't know what to do, just because there is so much on there!

Oh, Lord!What are those green things, puppets? FREAKY. We have a different one, but it's still a laxative.

LOL sad thing is just when I thought I'd get my "adult" areas back my eldest was 13 when #2 came along, now just over four years latter, and starting to move the bright plastic stuff to the playroom from the living room #3 is on the way...there is just no escape till they're off on their own and with my luck they'll bounce back to Momma's with their little ones and plastic in tow :)

OMG the laxative thing is so true! My kid does his best work in there.

We have one too. It's hideous...but I kinda like the freeing feeling of setting down my 19 pound heffer.

"Exersaucer" is to "baby bowels" as "a bookstore" is to "Mama bowels".

My son has the same one and I swear it's trying to get my kid on drugs. I'm going to blog on the dangers of it. Have you seen the faces on it?? :)

We have the same one... I love it, and so do the boys - though the husband wouldn't allow me to put either one of the kids in it until they were at least 7-8 months old because he (once upon a time) studied to be a physical therapist and was convinced it would deform their knees. I never listen to him much, but I did listen to that because I was o pleased that he was being militantly protective over something rather than doing the typical male "eh, what's the worst that could happen" shit.

Ours, while different, pretty much guaranteed a poop-shoot-up-the-back, too.

Boy never cared for it.

Srsly. The saucer and the swing guaranteed a poop within 30 minutes or less for my son.

My son loved sitting in his, but he always wanted different toys than those attached.

The pooping thing, though... It worked SO well that one time he had a HUGE explosion while in the saucer seat which lead to the discovery that the saucer part actually has drain holes in the bottom, holes I really wish hadn't been there, if you know what I mean.

We had that exact model. I call it "Baby Crack."

Seriously, I would not have been able to blow dry my hair for a good six months without it.

I even had a second at my office so I could bring my little guy in and keep him entertained for a while.

(Neither of my kids pooped in it that I can remember.)

Ahhh, my girl loved hers when she was younger.

Aw sorry kerrie. That was in my archives. :) Happened to my husband too.

The Baby Einstein excersaucer! My son had the same one and honestly he hated it... but it looks pretty cute in your living room!

haha even margot looks a little confused about it.

I just found your blog. My kids lived in theirs. :)

My son wasn't a big fan of his, but as others have said, it let me shower and brush my teeth a lot of the time. And even though he is too big for it now, we use the swing for the same thing. Pop in a DVD and I get to take a shower!

Ours is just as bright, oversized, and full of annoying things that take a truckload of batteries. However, I wish she used this for pooping. Instead, just last night actually, I learned that a baby farting in the tub soon becomes the baby who pooped in the tub.

I had no idea that other people had an "exersaucerpooper"--I feel so unoriginal....
This is baby #2, so when the saucer came out I asked around and borrowed another 2. Now we have one in the living room, one in the family room and one in the bedroom--one on each level of the house. Talk about losing square footage!

Lol this is one of those things I think there is no escaping. I better just reconcile myself to that fact now, right?

looks like a great way to ensure your kid grows up with ADD

I just love the large pieces of plastic that take up square footage in my house (mine is thanks to the in-laws as an added bonus). That being said, it is good for get my somewhat constipated kiddo moving in the right direction...if you get my drift. I really like the "doorway dumper".

Agree 100% with radmama - why do those things have to be so overstimulating?! My baby was never a huge fan of his, but I've heard of plenty of babies who lived in theirs. And I would've loved it if he had...

My kids lived in their Exersaucer for WAY too long. I still use it to keep baby 2 occupied while baby 1 is in the bath.

We call ours the exerpooper. Every single time we put a baby in there poop resulted.

We had one that was a farm set, but still in bright psychedelic colors. Ours allowed me to get my teeth brushed and put on deoderant most days.

We have the same one and our little girl loves it. It is the only way I can wash bottles and cook dinner these days;>

Why can't they make them less overstimulating.. for kids and parents. yeesh.

So worth it though, just for the 15 minutes of peace. Mine kept me showered.

My daughter had the same saucer- she loved it. She'd cry when we'd take her out of it. I can still hear the voice talking about the animals in my head "Cow- Mooooooo" Duck - Quack quack" "dog- bark bark" "cat - meeeeoow meeeow"

We finally put it away when she was too tall for it to be safe. She never once pooped in it!

I didn't mind the colors- it was winter time and any color is welcomed as long as it is cheery!

I am so happy to see that the "pooper-saucer" is not just in my household. I guess it just feels good to poop standing up?!?

I know that thing is ugly, but we have the same one and it really is brilliant.

The things I learn on your blog. roflmao. I'll remain a dog owner.

Crazy ... just crazy!

I was not sad to part with our way too bright and loud exersaucer. But at the same time, it earned a place of honor while needed, for the same reasons as you.

And what is it about kids pooping in those things?

Yes, we all sell our souls to some Calliou colored contraption. Damn your daughter is cute!

Ha ha! My 2 older kids used to poop every time I put them in the baby bouncer. I had to wash that cover so many times!


I gave into the Plastic Look for my living room about four months into Madeline's life. It's just... inevitable. The crazy colors, the noises.

Someday we'll have our houses back, right?

Mine's the same way! The kid shits like a dream when he's in the exersaucer!!

Why can't they make those things a little more aesthetically pleasing? Maybe some neutral colours?

Is she a standing pooper? Mine loves her doorway jumper (hence its new name, the "doorway dumper"). Makes for an entertaining shower as I scrub and she jumps and farts.

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