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March 07, 2009


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My brother-in-law actually put my wife in the trash when she was a baby, apparently once he decided she was getting that "old baby" smell and needed to be disposed of.

Damn, that's hilarious.

Lol, my parents used to threaten the same thing.

Then one time, they actually did it. My dad came in my room with a garbage bag and picked a few toys and threw them out.

I'd love to say I listened quite well from there on out, but I suppose it's ludicrous to think a mother would actually believe that.

Dude, I get this all the time. My four year old daughter upon waking every single morning says: "Where's Daddy?"

It gets old fast.

I threaten to put toys in the trash too, when my kids whine about cleaning up their toys. Sometimes I actually go through the motions of putting some toys left on the floor in a garbage bag and then hide it in the baby's closet.

My boys found the stash of toys last week. They don't believe a word I threaten now.

cant believe it i asked my 3 year old boy who his favorite mommy was, and his answer...DADDY! its a boy thing, right?!?

He's probably recyclable.


I have a 2 year old son. I tried telling him that if he didn't quit it, I was going to put one of his toys in the trash. So he started chanting "TRASH! TRASH! TRASH!", ran to his room, grabbed the toy and slam dunked it into the trash can.


@jenK hahaha

Well at least he didn't say you would pull a dump truck in the driveway and chuck him out of it. Cuz that's what I threaten to do w/ Chicken's crap that covers her room.

How does Daddy feel about being the favorite Mommy? *laugh*

Better than flushing him down the toilet.

You've taught him well

At least he didn't say top of the fridge. The toys in our family gather dust for years up there. (Cue omninous music) They get exiled by a forgetful Mommy never, never to return...

I used to hold mine over the trash can. What can I say? I am saving for their future therapy. :)

We put the Baby in the trash all the time but she just keeps coming back. She's like a boomerang.

Have you pointed out that 1. He probably won't fit in the trash can & that 2. The trash can is FULL of bad choices. No more room for bad choices!

That's what MiniMe said about a month ago. "Oh NOOOO! The trash is so full there's no more room for bad choices!!! What will we do??!!"

AW! He will come around. Mine did. Although, I still get "I love you, Mommy." Then 5 seconds later, "I don't like you, Mommy. I like Daddy." Yeah, whatever kid. Who do you come to for food?

That's hilarious!

Ouch. Maybe daddy is the favorite mommy, but you're the favorite supreme being of the house.

And if you'll put him in the trash for bad choices, he should reconsider his answer to #1.

I wonder if you're the favorite daddy?

And, I once saw my 8th grade history teacher put a kid in the trash, so, it does happens.

Heh.. sounds good so far ;)

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