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February 24, 2009


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Until now. Doing his name or initials in braille is a perfect idea and feels just right. I still have some thinking to do, and some convincing my husband (he's not a fan of tattoos). But thank you so much for the inspiration.

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I love it.

That is awesome. Memorable, highly personal, but also unique.

I'd like you to serve as my personal tattoo consultant to help me craft something special for the great BlogHer tat party. I'm so at a loss for what to do.

I think that's a fabulous idea for a tattoo! I have four: my last name in Kanji in the same place on my wrist (fox is easily translated), a large purple azalea on my left upper arm (for my mother, they were her favorite flowers), the musical notes for "Fly Me to the Moon" (first song I ever really became attached to), and the molecular structure for acetylcholine at the base of my neck (it's the neurotransmitter responsible for memory, learning, and dreaming - it's my teacher tattoo).

I love my ink, and intend to get more. Nothing at all redneck about that. ;)

Kristen, thank you. Since my brother died almost three years ago, I have been searching for the perfect way to honor him with a small tattoo on the inside of my left wrist. Nothing has seemed right, no way of writing his initials or anything has hit home. Until now. Doing his name or initials in braille is a perfect idea and feels just right. I still have some thinking to do, and some convincing my husband (he's not a fan of tattoos). But thank you so much for the inspiration.

I think it's so neat! I was all set to get my first tattoo recently, but found out I'm preggers with our first. Which I suppose works out for us... my husband will be back from deployment by the time I can get mine and I won't have to do it alone. =) You know how us rednecks love to our branding by the the herd...

Q D M in braille. Cool tattoo!

How sweet!

totally cool. I'm hoping I can get one at Blogher. Or maybe before if I can con a childhood friend of mine who's a tattoo artist.

I love it! I've been wanting some new ink too! You just added fuel to my fire! Now...what to get?

I'm pretty sure it is some type of barcode so that you can be scanned faster and for inventory purposes.

it's in braille!

Awesome and original! I'm all on board with tats that have a special meaning.

It's too bad about the typo.

Gorgeous even though I have no idea what it says. My husband would be thrilled if I got a tatoo! BTW, I'm not a redneck - I'm a hillbilly! ;)

Is it one of those old TB tests?!

I knew knew knew that you would come back a marked woman. Does this mean that you won't hold my hand when I go to get mine? (Which, coincidentally, I was planning to do this week. I will wait a bit. Not sure if Stepford can take two new tats on one street in one week.)

I love it. I have several tattoos, but have been wanting something to symbolize the Mommy Gig. While I'm at it, maybe I could also incorporate something to honor my Redneck heritage? Maybe a Troll with an arrow through its head? Hey, I might be on to something...

Quinlan, Drew, Margot
Awesome! I love it.

I got a tat in the exact same place, and I was still breastfeeding too. I think it looks great!

It didn't feel any different than any of the other places. Keep in mind that my tattoo is pretty small there. So it didn't take long.

I've always wanted to get a tatoo, but I'm a wimp. It looks good on you though.

Awww! beautiful!!!!

and very moving. lucky kids, they are.

I'm hopping on the Braille bandwagon, although I have no idea what it is/says.

PS - That's exactly where I am thinking of getting my tat - did it hurt very much??

Wait - CD49 - you think Kristen is a redneck? Srsly?

What rock do you live under?

I'm a middle class suburban mommy with a bottle opener key chain. Ooh - I'm trashy! With money!

I want that shirt too! We be triplets! LOL!

My guess is I love you in braille?

In honor of your troll, I'm getting you my new favorite shirt:


I'll get one for me too and we'll be twins.

very nice ink!
now off to review the Braille alphabet.
PS i promise that my AOL email is legit and I am not a metrodad.

Is it Hebrew for something?

I think it's your kids initials or something in braille.. but considering I don't even know if I spelled that right AND I'm to lazy to Google braille... I really don't know. :)

Oh I know! Braille letters, one for each of your kids first initials!

Is is a birthday in binary?

No idea. But I'm curious, does that count?

I have no idea what it is, but I love it anyway.
To the asshat commenter: What's wrong with tattoos anyway? Since when are they "Redneck"? It's just body art. Art is about as far away from redneck as you can get in my mind.
Having nothing better to do, besides Troll is way more "Redneck" (And, for the record, I mean "Redneck" in the bad way and not the awesome Redneck Mommy way, <3)

Seriously, I can't believe *you* were called a redneck.

Everyone knows you don't wallow in the slums of my trough.


Jeez cd49, if you are going to cast stones you should at least aim in the right direction.

But then, that is me assuming you have the mental capacity to aim at all. Which would be a faulty presumption based on your intellectually inferior drive-by assault of Kristen in her comments section.

Which is rather classless and cheap. Just like a redneck. So this must be a case of it takes one to know one?

All of this is just a fancy way of me saying "Get off the damn porch you hillbilly before I stick my boot up your arse."

Quality Deer Management? You just can't trust Mr Google anymore.

And in proper redneck fashion, I used bad grammar.


Awesome. I have one small tatoo on my back and that't it. Maybe it's time for another :)

I tend to think that anyone still using an AOL address like bd1870@aol.com

(feel free to email your thoughts directly, readers)

or trolling a mommy blog is pretty redneck.

But considering some of best friends consider themselves rednecks, I wouldn't want to pay you that compliment.

Okay. I'm with Trista. I got no idea. I looked it up, but am now more confused. But you DO have a skinny SKINNY wrist. Not even my wrist is skinny. SIGH.

Once again proving you can give rednecks money, but not common sense.

I am SO getting a tattoo this summer. You've inspired me.

A pixelated woman doing leglifts, obviously!

neat idea :-)

I'm going to guess it's not your husbands initials.

You laying with your knee up, getting ready to give birth? haha


My grandmother was the president of the National Braille Association for a number of years. :)


Nice tat. I think I'm going to send my wife off with some extra bail money for this year's Blogher conference...just to be safe.


It's a family tree. Rather disturbing image as all branches are connected.

No guesses, but would love to know what it is????? I would like to have my son's name written in the same spot in white ink. A tattoo you can feel but not see so clearly.

It's braille, right?? But I am unsure of the letters . . imagine it's something with the kids initials.

the kidlets initials?

It hurts but it's nothing unbearable *IMHO*

Her Bad Mother described it as being stapled. To me it's less hurt and more annoying.

I had three kids with no drugs (to give you a reference point). And this particular tattoo (I already have 4) was small.

Is it braille? Like the word Love or something? Just a guess.

So is that what it is? World of Warcraft? I don't play WOW so is a written language or a marker of sorts?

I think it's a series of dots! I am Master of the Obvious.

Looks cool but I have no idea how to look up the meaning. Mir really knows her way around a search engine.

Aww, that's great!

I was about to add "And room for more!" but I don't want to be the one you yell at later for jinxing everything!

How bad did that hurt? I want one there but am terrified. Please calm my fears if you can.

I heart Warcraft



Yeah..and I posted twice. I am kind of special like that.


Um...no idea but your wrist looks fabulously skinny. Bonus!!!

No idea...but your wrist looks fabulously skinny! BONUS!!!!

That? Is kind of awesome.

(I looked it up to figure it out. So sweet!!)

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