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February 15, 2009


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I'm loving the neo 50's hairdo. I remember when he was just a little baby in a sling in Chicago. He's such a cute kid now, and it looks like he's full of personality.

Wow, he's getting so big, I can't believe it! I guess I haven't seen him since he was in a sling...

I want a boy now! He is super cute!!!! Hope he and the big guy were good Valentine's for you. :o)

Oh that hair makes me think of Ed Grimley. Too cute!

OMG he is soooo cute. Makes me want to have a boy!

He's a funny little kid! I agree, gotta love his hair! :-)

This is pretty cute; I love the hair =)

love that ski jump hair thing he has going on in the front.

Those are adorable.

I love that big curl at his hairline!

So cute!! But they have to be when their as mischeivous as he is don't they :-)

supercute :-)

I like Home Alone!

Such a cutie! :)

His hair is cracking me up! He's pretty adorable!

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