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February 07, 2009


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She has a funny expression on her face, slightly amused, a bit incredulous, and waiting to see what you'll say or do next.

My wife makes a similar face very often, but this one's just a little bit cuter. Who can compete with a baby??

I just want to suck on those cheeks, just suck the sweetness right out of them

Jeebus,Kristen, I JUST got over wanting another baby (eggs too old and there's no friggin way I'm doing IVF with three kids already here) and now....damn...just damn, she's so cute!!!

Oh, WOW. She's like, totally turning into a PERSON.

Oh--look at that face! :)

What a cutie! I love the eyes.

What a face! I just want to pinch those cheeks. She looks so expressive!!

How sweet, my daughter wasn't even close to laying on her tummy like this at 4 months because she hated tummy time so much I kept putting it off. So, good going! I just had a baby 3 days ago and she is going to have TT wether she likes it or not. SO important. Good job honey!

Aaaaagghhh the cuteness is killing me!


Her eyes are captivating!!

Definitely a cutie!

Cute cute cute!

she looks so much like you! she's adorable!


OMG she's so gorgeous!

Looks like her sister! Cutie!

She's seriously adorable I miss babies.

Holy cuteness. You breed good.

LOVE her expression! Too cute!!!

Look at that gorgeous thing you made!

Oh what a sweety! :)

I think my heart just melted into a puddle. Her eyes are stunning.

YAY! In two month she is be a HALF! What a cutie!

This is a BEAUTIFUL child.

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