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January 24, 2009


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Rolling over is a hugh milestone. I am cherishing every moment before my little starts to crawl.

Off she goes!

Oh the legs. I love the chunky legs.

The rolling over the first time made me so happy with the first couple of kids. This time it was sad, because I know that means he will one day walk and talk and become a smart mouth.

I hope you guys had fun.

HA HA HAAAA! I love how pissed she looks, starting off.

I believe the circus is in town at Atlantic Station. She may have a future there.

And, it's even more fun when you have little teeny tiny toys around for your older kids (things you NEVER let near your firstborn!).

Hope your vacation was relaxing.

No stopping her now! Next week she will be crawling....

Maybe she should've laid off the tequila during vacation. It turned her into super baby.

Whoa, looks like she's decided it wasn't enough of a vacation. She's heading back for more.

First thought: Awww
Second thought: Aww Shit.

ah! look at her go!!! congrats little gal :-D

What a great shot to have captured. I hope, for you, that tomorrow she forgets that she's able to do that.

Time to start chasing this one, too! When my daughter did that she started crawling quickly after and then made sure to pull off all of grandma's newspapers off the coffee table for attention. It was so cute!

I love that look of determination in her face. That's fantastic.

My how she has grown! Well....she's mobile now. Uh oh!

aaaannnd she's off!
she is absolutely gorgeous.

I love those chunky legs!! what a cutie!!

Wow good for her. My almost 5 month old still has not learned that trick yet!

OMG - how adorable.. NOW you know the real fun begins.

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