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January 19, 2009


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Boys are just plain wired differently. Period.

Happy Birthday, Drew!

I'm on #4 (actually, he's 13), and they are completely different. No one child can prepare you for another. And each kid has an evil twin lurking beneath the surface that pops out to test your parenting skills at the worst possible moment.Sometimes, he even takes over completely. Good luck.

happy birthday!

TOO FREAKY!!! I totally related to a recent post you had about Drew & the parenting challenges he affords you! I to have a son just like that, Amos... Some days I just don't even know where to start with him! And now, I find that they share the same birthday!! Oh God, does this have something to do with January 19th? Is there some study we could do? A support group? Mothers of 1-19...

Oh, but it's so fast.

Maybe there *IS* something to the second child thing. Cuz my darling 2nd boy (who will be two next month) sounds like he's cut from the same cloth!

Happy Birthday Drew.

I can tell you that my second is of the same ilk. Half of my time is spent head cocked to one side, wondering, what the H%*# she is thinking. It has gotten a little easier as she had gotten a little older (but not much).

Happy Bday Drew!

The happy medium between head whacking and hand shaking? A high five:)


Boys are so different...so very different..

Happy Birthday Drew! I had no idea our second borns were so close in age. My Baby D turns two on Thursday. Now I see why they are so alike, they are hitting the same stages at around the same time. No wonder I relate so closely with your Drew stories.

Happy birthday, Big Man.

Happy Birthday Drew! As a mom of a crazy boy who's about to turn 4 - it's getting easier :)

Happy 2nd Birthday, Drew!

Happy Birthday Drew!

Happy birthday, Drew! Has it really been that long since we were both nursing babies in slings in Chicago?

Second kids are there to make sure we never feel like we know what we're doing.

Oh, it's boys alright. I learned that the hard way.

Happy Birthday, Drew.

Happy Birthday, little guy!!!

Happy Birthday to Drew!

You described parenting my boys. I always figured feeling the need to bash my head (or sometimes theirs) was just that- they're boys.

Happy Birthday, Drew! From what you've described I anticipate I'll have the same kind of challenges. My second is so much more challenging than my first one was. Dare I say, he's even a jerk sometimes. But what did I expect? Baby clones? That's what keeps life interesting right. Even if it doesn't keep my kitchen floor clean. Ever. Mashed bananas anyone?

Happy 2nd birthday to Drew.

Um toilet locks? I need to look into this.

Awww! How sweet! Happy Birthday Drew!

awww happy birthday, it is my birthday too

Aw, happy birthday big guy!

Happy Birthday to Drew! What a lovely sentiment. Its helped rethink the story I tell about my oldest (He's 11) - who has also redefined tantrum ;)

Auguri Drew (Happy Birthday) !
Each kid is different and I love how we learn little useful tricks with each child (bathroom locks he he he)

Happy Birthday, Drew!

He's the baby I held at BlogHer before going home and getting pregnant with Buster - a good luck baby!

My 18mo. old son Sam is exactly like Drew. My mother in law has actually commented maybe something is "wrong". The doctor just laughs and says each one is different. My 5 yr. old daughter was an angel and no book could have prepared me for the tsunami that is my son. It's nice to know that I'm not alone. Thanks for this post.

I can't believe it has been 2 years already. It just seems like I read your "Just Drew" post yesterday. Lovely post that is so appropriate to your relationship with him.

happy birthday to Drew!

Happy Birthday Drew! Great post.

Happy birthday Drew! Beautiful entry, spoke directly to my heart.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Drew!

I think you've nailed the key that actually makes this parenting thing a little easier. Realizing that you're going to have to relearn everything for each new child is half the battle.

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