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January 22, 2009


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I can hardly find the words to describe how much I miss you. My little bun in the oven misses you too!!! :)

I'm gonna miss you so much that I can only imagine sleepless nights ahead!

Missed you.

I didn't know how lonely my life was until I found your blog. Now I can't live without you.

Oh perfect! I can't wait until my girl comes in April to send out annoucments of course :)

Umm, like yesterday, i don't miss you a whole ton cause we get to hear from you everyday while you do the 5 Days of Christmas.... But I can't wait to get back to the nitty gritty when the contests are over! Looking forward to it!

We are getting ready to finalize the adoption of our kids and NEED announcements!

I definitely miss your witty commentary of life with three kids.
And I would love those announcements for upcoming kid #2...

what a great giveaway and of course your missed, but we can be bribed it dosent take much!

we miss u very much!

I miss you as much as I did chai lattes until the Starbucks joints here in BKK started carrying them :)

Love the announcements, love the blog. Keep writing...I feel less alone! :)

Love the announcements and hopefully I'll win!!

Gorgeous announcement! I'm a bit more like 26 weeks from welcoming the little new one but still, would be fun to have one thing nailed down.. :)

my sister is having a baby so these would be great! :)

and of course i need to add that i miss you too! where'd ya go?

I miss you, and I'm hoping I might get to see you in person in two weeks at Blissdom. If you need someone to hold a baby, my arms are up for the job.

I do think you're pretty funny, but have to admit that I kind of forgot you were gone because of all these great Days of Christmas posts. Can't wait to see who wins!

Ooooohhh!! How I miss thee, let me count the ways.... 1...2...3...


I miss you like the desert misses the rain...
Yeah, that was really corny.

Miss you! Love these announcements.

Oooh I love those. I do miss you and I've very curious as to where you went.

I could really use these...might make me do birth announcements on the baby. He's almost four months, so I'm a bit behind.

check your blog every day and when you don't write a crazy funny witty sad or otherwise zany story i miss you.

Ooooh me! I'm having my second little person in twelve days. And plus, I TOTALLY miss you ;-)

Miss you lots! Glad you will be back soon.

I miss your absurd crotch shaving posts. ROFL!

Seriously, I'm still waiting for you to tell me how to go bald with out razor bumps from hell....

These giveaways are awesome! I really hope I win something...

Definitley miss you! And these would be great for my new little girl that I had on Jan 6th!

I soo need a laugh right now! The contests just don't do it...

I miss you like my ass cheeks miss a single digit pants size.

I'll miss you so much that my blog day won't feel complete without reading a new post from you!

These are great, and will com in handy in july when our first baby is born! =)

Life is just not as exciting reading about contests, but at least you added your mother in law in there.

Totally do. (Miss you, that is.)
But I appreciate that you offer gifts/prizes in your absence -- bribes go far with me!

You've been missed! Love the giveaways but can't wait for your regular hilarious posts to come back! I was scheduled to be induced today but apparently everyone and their mothers decided to go into labor last night....so now I have to wait until Monday unless my little boy decides to actually come out on his own...yeah right. I need some fun posts to help the time pass!

Totally missing you here. On the bright side, I get the kids to school much closer to on time because I'm not online.

Hope you're having a blast for all of us!

Love the announcements and, well, where HAVE you been? You really think giving all kinds of free stuff away makes up for your absence? SHEESH.

oh man. your posts about drew help me keep sane with my own nearly 2 year old. it gives me hope that other parents are dealing with children they do not comprehend at all. so yeah. i miss you.

I am 6 weeks away from welcoming a new baby boy! I think this would be an awesome way to announce it!!
Can't wait to hear about all the fun that has been happening with you over the past week!

I miss you so much that I cry.... oh wait, I cry because I'm so freaking tired due to my teething child who has decided to wake up before 4 o'clock the past two mornings. We're trying for baby #2 (which amazes me, considering the current sleep schedule of #1), and some magnet announcements sure would be handy to make the blessed announcement.

Oh! I love those! And you! Speaking of loving you, I miss you too.

I miss you! I worry when I don't hear from you. And I've got a baby due in April, so these would be great!

I miss you, but my second child is due middle of June so these would be perfect!

Ooh! I do miss you, and I also have a five day old baby girl who would look so pretty on everyone's fridge!

I can't really say that I miss you because with this 5 Days of Christmas thing you so kindly have going on, we get to hear from you everyday!!!

I'm due with baby #2 on 03/31/09 - how perfect would this prize be???

You rock!

Of course you are missed. I hope you come back. In. Need. Of. Wit.

Miss you but love all the giveaways! :) I'm thinking of doing magnets for Nate's 1st birthday party invitations! Cute.

I do miss you witty comments!

I miss you this
much. :)

We totally miss you. And your posts of course. I love the brutal honesty! It makes me feel relieved to read a voice that often sounds like my own, in my head of course...

Miss your silly comments about nursing and post-partum bodies. :)

I'm loving all the giveaways, but am DEFINITELY missing the hilarious posts. Also, my first baby is due on Monday 1/26, so I sure could use this giveaway! Thanks!

Hope you're having a great time and miss the funny. Hope all is going well.

I have 4 blogs I read with regularity. AFter the third one lately, I just turn off the monitor and go feed my kids. I have that feeling all day like I forgot my purse, you know? (Or diaper bag). The band director hubby and I are considering having our 3rd baby against the advice of the mother-in-law. You are our inspiration. (And sometimes deterrent....when you're having 3 sick kids!) Come back!

Those are gorgeous announcements! Would come in very handy in July for our firstborn - we'd been debating what kind of announcements we wanted to do!

I'm a lurker but really enjoying your blog as I await the birth of our firstborn! So I miss your absence even though you don't know it!

Definitely missing the funny.

Yep, miss you. First baby due in early March, I need some experienced perspective!

Kristen, You complete....my blog list. My day is not the same without you. Please return and make my life whole again. Thank you.

Ps. I loved my hot pink pot-holder thingies, and since I've been having some pretty crazy days, I could really use something else to make my day. If nothing else, it would give a boost to my oh-so-fragile psyche. God Bless America.

i love me a magnet!

Who would not miss you witty humor? I so look forward to your blog everyday and my days have been EMPTY since you started this contest! (Is that cheesy enough? ;-))

Bunches and bunches! Can I use them to announce my own awesomeness? ;)

I miss you. I'm 33 weeks pregnant and need your daily blogs as entertainment.

How could I not miss you!

I need this for my new baby- coming at the end of May, hopefully!

MISS YOU, I think :)

Miss your humor!

Miss Miss Miss you!

I am a stay at home with 4 girls 5 and under. You are the voice that daily reminds me that I am not the only person who is losing her mind raising her kids. Come back and bring my sanity with you!

I totally miss you a lot, plus my first baby is due in May, plus my husband is also an airline pilot so I totally feel your crazy life... Pick me, Pick me!

I miss you lots!

I miss you lots. :D

Miss you!

I miss you so very much!!!

I miss you horribly. My days are empty without your wit. :)

And I'm due in May - these would be awesome :)

Of course we all miss you! I am 35 weeks pregnant with my third. Very tired, very large, these would make me happy:)

Miss. Miss. Miss. You!

I only mean this in the nicest way possible! I miss your bitching and complaining about motherhood/husbands/mother-in-laws! Your blog is one of the only "real" and "truthful" blogs around!

Ummm... me too. Miss you bunches. (Now pick me ;-)

This was a big week in the US and I missed your witty observations of the events. hope you will still write about these things when you get back.

i'm a newbie and preggers w/ twins..due in a month...these sure would be great! I love your blog, btw. :)

Of course I miss you!

I want! I miss!

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