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January 10, 2009


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It looks like she was going for that "smokey eye" that Carmindy always talks about on "What Not to Wear."

She did a great job. Ahem.


ha! we were playing beauty salon last night too! I need to get a post up about it.


you're one hot chick.


Oh and aren't they SOOO proud of their work when they're done?

You win my vote for Mother of the Year today! How brave you are.

Now that's a look!

oooooh lookin' good.


Oh dear god, you reminded me why I don't own any makeup. I mean, uh, you're lovely! beautiful! radiant! ;-)


Is she available for a makeup advice session? I could use some tips!

I think the smudged lipstick is a very tasty choice!

Is that mascara or eyeliner under the eyes? Maybe the athletic football look is going to be all the rage this season and Q is on to something!

I think I smell a beauty school drop out in her future:)

She can be your go to stylist for Halloween.

oh the things we do for our children.
just look at you.

At least you have an excuse! I think Amy Winehouse does her OWN makeup!

Dude, if it was accompanied by her brushing my hair, she could make me up like Gene Simmons.

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