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January 25, 2009


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When's the book coming out??? i want one!!!

Rubbermaid totes labeled with their names to throw the stuff you think is worth saving is a good way to keep things for them. I scrapbook, but you can't put everything on a scrapbook page. The totes are where I keep the christening outfits, first Halloween costumes, etc. The scrapbook pages are where I document things like when my oldest told me Santa has a penis because he's a boy, you know.

My plans for the New Year haven't gone so well. I need a do-over.

Good luck with the writing.

Wait - a new start on Feb 1 the same day your draft is due? I think it's actually just perfect.

Happy New Year! It is so cool that you have a book on contract and almost done!

Gong Xi Fat Cai!

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