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January 26, 2009


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Brave? Heroic more like it! I'll be keeping some of these suggestions in mind when I travel next month with 3 under 3 for the first time. Insanity but you'd never change a thing, right?! :)

Wow. That last photo is a keeper - what a cutie! (nice top, too!).

GREAT advice ;)

Wow, you are so brave!

Hooray for vacationing and beautiful pictures!

Oh my gosh..Look at her cute cheeks. My fingers are in pinchin mode, not unlike ladies at WalMart.

Brave soul, indeed.

I don't know about the cuter on vacation. dh wasn't even cute on vacation- the 3 children but the grown one- dh you know about drove to crazy in the motel room. I think it needs to be a contract all moms get to go to 2 weeks (alone) to mom's camp. I don't miss the- he's on my side. etc. etc.

You just make me laugh and laugh, and for that I want to pass on this award to you (which really is a bit too cute for your style, but what the heck) You make me snort with laughter and that's a good reason for a 'lovely blog' award.

Looks like you had a wonderful vacation!


And your kids are ADORABLE!!!

Your kids are just too damned cute!!!!

1) I'm SO adding Poo-nami to my personal lexicon.

2. They ARE cuter on vacation, huh?

3. Looks like you had fun. :)

I so appreciate the brands etc, and I am wicked jealous of the vacay.

totally jealous. the hotel looks amazing!

We will be trying to "vacation" in Mexico in March with our two children (aged 4 and 2). I am already trying to plan, so this was fun to read. Thanks for sharing your tips.

I bet your husband just loves riding in a plane instead of flying it.

And I bet "Stop licking that dirty pole" was just as funny then to those around you as it is to us now.

Moreso, in fact, since they got to see your serious, oblivious face when you were shouting it.

Wow, fab pictures! Your family is ADORABLE! And great tips on traveling. Thanks!

Loved seeing the photos of you guys on vacation! Looks like it was fun. Your kids are so cute and I love the one of them in the crib.

Congrats on your bravery. There's no way we're all going to fly somewhere together, especially another country. Driving is bad enough.

damn. that beach looks amazing.

Hooray for the Canadians!

Sounsd like a great trip and a well-deserved vacay!

Your kids are just beautiful. Glad you enjoyed yourselves.

You have further reminded me that I need a vacation. It looks so lovely and warm there. Maybe my kids would even behave better in a tropical climate?

And you are looking fabulous post-baby!

LOL #11 is so true!

"11. Your children are generally way cuter on vacation, so take pictures of it so you can remind them, like the instant they walk back into your house and start fighting again."


I'm going to assume that candy in Hawaii has no calories as well, right? We're thinking of going soon. Although, one of mine is over five, so it should be easier.

I love that last photo of Margot. She's beautiful.

oh my, Margot is a-freaking-dorable.

You are a brave soul. Margot is totally cute.

We took Julian to Mexico three times before he was 2 years old and Scarlett has never been. Time to get my little one a passport, methinks.

What a wonderful trip! Thanks for sharing the photos!

The beach looks lovely. I'm freezing up here.

Sounds like an amazing trip! Glad we Canadians lived up to our reputation ;)

Hope you at least felt a wee bit rested!

Dude, JetSetBabies would have been ideal. Do it for Houston next month!

Cuteness! You are a brave soul. I get the heeby jeebies thinking of traveling with just two kids in March.

It doesn't get easier as they get older. I have a twenty-year old who was so busy staring at the nice Customs lady's bustline that he failed to understand the basic question, "Do you have any weapons?"

Of course, he's an engineer, so he's thinking, "Anything can be a weapon, right?"

We got a twenty minute lecture on the penalties for bringing weapons into Canada. We were very lucky we weren't strip-searched.

Moral: duct-tape your kids' mouths shut while going through customs. No matter how old they are.

Sounds like a great trip!

So cute!! Glad you had fun and some time away!

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