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January 07, 2009


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i refused to put my boob away for anyone...i nursed everywhere i could, but was respectful of people and wasnt straight up BRAZEN with it.

some people will never be okay with it, so i give up. my kids gonna eat, case closed.

I didn't even realize you were nursing in the photo until you pointed it out!

I nurse in restaurants all the time. (well, used to... hopefully I won't have to anymore, my baby is 2 1/2, and still showing no signs of weaning, but it's not easy fitting a tall for her age toddler across my lap in the booth at Chilis.)

It's probably an entirely new kind of rudeness, but I don't even think about it— whipping 'em out whenever necessary to feed Fin. You see more of my breast when she's not nursing than when she is.

I remember when I was in college working as a server, somebody stiffed me and told me it was because I let the woman in the neighboring booth breastfeed her baby. What?

Isn't it amazing when you think about these young teens are wearing today and what is exposed..including the rich and famous...and there is an issue with breastfeeding....

Unbelievable..babies are our most precious gift and screw anyone who is uncomfortable while your feeding them however you choose...

Blessings and success...

Dorothy from grammology

There have been a couple of moms in my acquaintance who were also given grief for nursing at a Ren Faire. As if in the era that's allegedly being depicted women didn't nurse freely? As if nursing shows more bosom than the push-em-up-push-em-out-way-out corsets that are part of the standard Rennie woman's costume?!

A lot of people need to get out of their little first world shells. I had the fortune to spend much of my growing up in Africa and India, where, when baby needs to eat, baby eats and no one questions. There's a great photo from a few years back of an African woman talking to the president or prime minister of her country with her breast completely pulled up out of the neckline of her t-shirt and a child maybe 15 - 18 months old latched on, eating away. No one was paying that any mind as she stood and spoke with the leader of her nation. Imagine a woman with her baby even under a completely opaque blanket, nursing and talking to George Bush or Gordon Brown? Not ever gonna happen.

Kristen, You look GREAT!

Amen sista'

I totally agree! I just wish I had a pic of me breastfeeding my twins to post up on my facebook page!

I agree! I was in Kmart and the girl that waited on my dh was falling out of her shirt- I bet if I said something about it, I'd get a dirty look and they'd say too bad, yet we can't breast feed. I did in public 20yrs ago hid in a corner with a blanket - most time had to go to a dressing room - very inconvenient. People need to get over it.

Now I have never been able to breastfeed any of my 3 kids (milk never came in), but I have asked people (men, mostly)why they feel squirmish about it when it's a natural thing? Usually they tell me they don't want to make the mother uncomfortable by even glancing her way...because let's face it, alot of women do get really defensive really fast. And as for facebook photos, I feel that they have every right to ban certain things because where no mother will ever think of breastfeeding as sexual, there are ALOT of men out there who do.

I think that it's also the fact that breast milk is a bodily secretion and that makes people get all out of whack....like it's in the same catagory as snot or semen.

I breastfed both my kids, I covered up in public...at least until I had the baby latched on because I wasn't comfortable with strangers seeing my nipples. It's just not something I wanted to share. BUT the thing is, I got to choose to do that. Nobody MADE me do it. I live in Indiana....I have seen plenty of breastfeeding mothers here, never have I seen them hassled.

I did, however, draw the line at a relative pumping right in the middle of my living room. A. My 7 year old son doesn't need to see her nipples going in and out of the cups. B. I don't really want to see her nipples during the pumping process...I mean I am all for breastfeeding and the right to do it but it's my right to not have a 20 minute nipple fest in the middle of my own livingroom...I gave her a blanket.

I was wondering if that's a recent pic or not...I was going to comment on how quick you slimmed down! Maybe that would be inappropriate, though.

Mrs. Muskrat usually drapes something over herself, of course. However, we don't go out in public much. There's too much murder and rape around our house anyway.

When I stared at you breast Feeding it was bc I was the pregnant girl taking notes on your technique. Especailly I didn't get a lick of support from my family. The worst was sitting in a store in Appleton, WI on a BF bench right outside the mens restroom. The smells the stares all of it sucked. I agree the best restaurants are Olive Garden and Red Lobster, they are very accomodating.

I remember thinking it was unusual that my daughters 70-year-old doctor burst in while I was nursing without flinching or batting an eye. I was so used to people acting awkward, embarrassed disgusted. I had to contend with my brother saying ewww if my child ever spit up breastmilk on him or if I was feeding in the room.... He's a good guy. But society does that. Makes it seem ok, perhaps expected.

My favourite moment was when three (male, obviously) breast consultants were peering at my boob for an examination when I was 6 months pregnant. I had a lump that they were checking (why it took 3 of them, god only knows). One of them squeezed my boob - and some breastmilk shot out and got him in the eye!!! The doctors were mortified, and could not get out of there fast enough. Boobs, yes - breastmilk, no way! The nurse and I were practically peeing ourselves we were laughing so hard!

I have fed my two children in the most public and exposed situations. I have once been asked to feed elsewhere - and told them exactly what they could do with that idea, and have never been back to that cafe since (as there are only two in town, that is pretty damning - they've lost a LOT of custom that way). I fed my son until he was self-weaned at 15 months. It still raises eyebrows. My daughter weaned earlier because the paediatrician decided she was to go on formula, as "she is losing weight due to poor quality milk" - nothing to do with her undiagnosed reflux, then?!! I am back up at the paediatrician tomorrow (she is still losing weight, a year on) - and will be pointing out that as she is no longer on breastmilk, it obviously WAS NOT the problem!

The only person I was mindful of while nursing was my husbands grandfather and that was my personal choice not to make him uncomfortable. As for everyone else I was like fuck ya. I even had a boss that wouldn't even talk to me through a closed office door while I was pumping. He would come looking for me and my co-workers would tell him I was pumping; he would turn bright red and walk away.

I nursed wherever/whenever I needed to. The only time I was embarrased was when the kid was sitting in a shopping cart at Hell-mart and preceded to lift my shirt up, grab my boob and yell "EAT EAT!"

I'll admit that my telling the stranger objecting to my showing "my tits" to her husband in a southern Missouri Cracker Barrel to F-off may have been inappropriate. However, it should be noted that A)his back was to me B) I had a baby lactched to said breast C) She was covered by a blanket and D) I was only six hours into a 10 hour drive home from my grandmothers funeral! Later my nurse practioner suggested saying something to the effect of "you ate here, why can she?"

"Well, I'm offended by formula-feeding. Should I harass those mothers in public?"

This comment makes it seem like it's the formula-feeders who are attacking nursing moms, when many of us are very supportive of women who breastfeed and hope for the chance to try again someday. If nursing isn't something to be categorized as "offensive," formula-feeding shouldn't be, either. We're all doing the best we can to nourish our kids.

@Karen/Submommy - Now that's a neverending salad and breadsticks I can get behind. :)

bah, a year and a half ago, i was asked not to NIP at a michigan renaissance festival. some LADY actually came up to me and requested that i knock it off, and let someone know each time my daughter wanted to eat, so that they could "tuck us away" in private. i was fuming! she was 18 months old then~ wonder what they'd do if they caught us nursing, now that she's 2.5. so ridiculous and sad!
what's worse, however, is the gried i get at home, from my boyfriend, for "still" nursing. *fumes*

Can I give a shout out to a business that DIDN'T even blink at me BF'ing right out there in the middle of everything?

The Olive Garden.

Can you believe that?

Oh you go girl! I'm right behind you!!

Oh hell ya I will breastfeed wherever I freaking choose to! I live in NYC which one would think progressive, right? Well WRONG this city is full culturally backwards idiots who are constantly giving me dirty looks, snickering and commenting when I'm feeding Emma.
Recently, I was at a women's clinic full of pregnant ladies who were staring me down for breastfeeding. WTF?

An aquaintance of mine just got harassed at a local diner for breastfeeding her baby. It's ridiculous. Her story is at www.londonmoms.ca

Amen Sister.

I've never understood why people get so upset over breastfeeding. 400 years ago a woman popping out a breast to feed her kid was considered totally normal, as long as she didn't show her ankles in doing so, because THAT was obscene.

Maybe we need to start a campaign to make nipples socially friendly. I mean, why is it just the nipple that is obscene?

I was once asked to breastfeed in a bedroom at a family party once, and Aaron had to talk me down from telling the hostess off, especially since I had breastfed at another family gathering (at a different house) and no one was upset.

I love Olivia telling her dad to go into the john with his steak! lmao.

I see in that picture that you're holding TWO slings.


Thanks April. That's 6 months post partum. It's amazing what living at your inlaws can do.

Here's hoping I look like that in May. :)

So true. I wasn't able to breastfeed my baby--thanks, boobs, the one thing I ask of you and you can't handle it!--but I would have loved to annoy people with my breastfeeding. Not showing anything more than anyone else, of course, but doing it where others are "shocked" about it. Grow up, people. Babies need to eat.

maybe i'm oversimplifying here, but honestly? i think some people just need to grow up. end of issue.

You said it all!

In the 20 months that I have nursed a baby so far (2 different children...my son nursed until 13 months when he self-weaned and still nursing my 7 month old) I have never been made to feel I could not nurse in any public place. That said, there are also many family restrooms with separate areas for nursing,and nursing rooms so I've never had to nurse out in the open if I didn't want to.

Most recently, I nursed in a very crowded zoo cafeteria, and there was another mom nursing at the next table.

yay for public breastfeeding!

i gave the whole kiddie center and a bunch of people in macy's at the mall a peep show yesterday when i went chasing after my cousin's toddler who made a break for it while i was nursing. i ran after him, unlatching my kid in the process with my WAY exposed boob flapping in the wind. hah! a little embarrassing, but it would've been a lot worse explaining to my cousin that i lost her kid because i took the time to tuck myself back in properly before looking for him!

as an aside; wow, you look freaking SKINNY!

Right on mama!

You've totally inspired me to start a movement to keep dead animals off people's heads and dead animal-smelling feet off of airplanes. And yeah, also that breastfeeding thing in public thing - I could get behind that too.

I think you're right. I think it HAS to be the sucking part that offends people.
It's scary to think about the people that ARE offended though.

When I was Bfing my dd I used to hide in the bathroom and sit on the toilet to nurse. Now with my son I finally braved sitting right were I was in the restaurant and nursed! My husband had that look on his face like are you crazy you'll draw attention to yourself but I don't care! No more sitting on the toilet for my kid to eat! Bah!

Reading these comments makes me glad I live in Minnesota - I've never even been given a weird look, as far as I know, and I fed my baby at the State Fair in the middle of an exhibit on a bench, for crying out loud. Restaurants have delayed our dinner so she could be done eating before I tried to eat one-handed, and pretty much everyone is nice - the only disappointment we get is when people want to say hi to the baby and she's eating so they can't.

So, the Facebook things makes me FURIOUS. Seriously, get with the Minnesota nice, people.

And Katie, you are funny. You need a blog.

your blog was linked to by Celebrity Baby Blog under their "Around the Web" today.


I don't have any children yet. Though, when I do I plan to breastfeed at least for awhile. I don't really understand people's issues with it. Like many have said, the baby needs to eat just like we do! And, like someone else said also, it's not like you don't see it on tv all the time! As long as you aren't stripping nude to do it, who cares.

Julie, I LOVE the video you posted. It was great! It's all the more funny because it was done by a man!!

Lee-Ann -- Sorry, I quite Fuckbook after the first banning of photos. But great idea!

And yes, my mom was the only one who breastfed as well. My MIL looked at me like I was from Mars when I told her I was bfing Quinlan.

Of course, she also never read to my husband as a kid. Her excuse for everything "Well, no one else did it then."


Things that strike me as funny:

1. People are eeked out by something nature has designed to continue on our species.

2. People readily slurp down cow breast milk. Yes, it's breast (udder) milk designed to feed baby cows. Can you imagine if you suggested drinking human breast milk? GROSS. But everyone is ready to smack their lips after a nice glass of breast (udder) milk pumped from a freaking COW. Belly up to the cow and latch right on to that kumquat sized nipple.

I don't know where I am going with this.... anyhoooo, I nurse my baby wherever I need to. I am also a notoriously sloppy nurser. I am usually struggling with a blanket or a cover or whatever exposing my boob, my belly and if I am wearing a skirt, somehow ending up with it hiked up as well.

I don't care. I went to college in New Orleans and more than once had both boobs hanging out as I begged for beads from drunk parade participants. Whatever. I say nipples were made to hang out.

Clearly nurse-ins just don't get the eyebrows raised any more. However, since many of these laws also protect women to "express milk either publicly or privately", I think that its time to break out the breast pumps and stage a breast-pumping-sit-in. (Have you EVER seen a woman breast-pump in public??) After that, even the most uncoordinated breastfeeding mom will appear like the very image of propriety to even the most uptight moron.

Too bad my husband is one of these people that thinks that breastfeeding is "oogy" as he put it last night. He is semi-supportive in the way that he knows that it is nutritious, and better than formula, but it still wierds him out that it is my boob. He would freak out if he knew all of the places that I have nursed (in restraunts, in parks, and on a trolly..oooh!). The topic of extended nursing just really buggs him... I convinced him of 2 years before we even had ds, who is 9 months now btw. Even though I said 2 years, I know that he is not comfortable with it. He even told me yesterday that I was using "my tits as a crutch" to keep the baby with me, or to not let him be away from me for more than 3 hours. HELLO.... I nurse him all the time... I have him with me all the time. I have like 3 bags of milk in the fridge that I worked VERY hard to get (the pump and I are not friends) and I want to save those for when I REALLY need them.. not for just when he thinks that I need to leave the baby with him.... I am ranting now.. It feels good, but I am off topic... I appreciate your blog, I wish I could make my husband more accepting, but eh.... I knew what I married.

My MIL used to refuse to even look my way when I would do it (discreetly) in my own living room. My BIL meanwhile could carry on a perfectly normal conversation with me doing it.

I think it's primarily a generational thing. When I was born, my mom was the only one in on maternity to even breastfeed.

Also didn't realize you were nursing in the picture.

I heard that! go girl. I nurse my 10mth old anywhere I want and I dont care what others think. She has the right to eat as much as anyone else!

pst...try nursing twins in public. not easy, and not many people had compassion for the situation when I had to. and I did. I chose to often. They needed to eat after all!

I have started a group on facebook to let them know how much this sucks. Breastfeeding Mommas ROCK!! Please join!! I also commented on this topic on my blog, Breastfeeding is not about sex. It's about nourishment. Yea! Let's keep this topic fired up until someone gets it! Thanks for writing about this.

The insidious part of this this phenomenon is the spattering of comments over on the NYT site and elsewhere from people who think the issue is a non-starter because "why would you want to put up a picture of yourself breast-feeding?"

It sounds like a fair question, although not in the context of a discussion about what Facebook's obscenity policy should look like (or any obscenity policy at all), since the issue is what a company should do and not what individual users should do. It's a cousin to the "do you have something to hide?" question asked when we want to limit police search powers.

When someone asks the "why would you even want to post a picture of yourself breastfeeding" question they aren't really looking for information. They are making a statement: "Although we will say that it is perfectly natural and Yay Breastfeeding out loud you should WANT to do it in private for your own modesty (because it's also shameful to expose your body) and to preserve the sensibilities of everyone around you." Which, when you look at it, is just saying that breastfeeding is obscene. So no matter the lip-service they pay to breastfeeding, they really really do think it's obscene. But they don't want to admit it out loud to others or themselves, and by denying that honesty they are furthering the interests of the censors and Victorians even though they don't think they're doing it!

Coming back to add that I completely didn't realize that you were nursing in that shot. Way to go!

My own Dad tried to send me to the bathroom at a restaurant to nurse when my son was born, I told him I would but only if he took his steak in the bathroom.

Like many people I didn't notice you were nursing until I got to the comments. My in-laws wanted me to nurse in the back room. I did it the very first time we visited but decided "screw that, I'm not going to spend that much of our visit crammed away" He didn't dare leave the room but he wouldn't make eye contact with me eihter. The most recent and annoying nursing dilema was almost everyone I know asking me when I was going to stop nursing my son. That he was to old. Do some research and get a life. Most recently I told them I intended on going to his school during lunch time when he was in kindergarten to feed him. No comments since. For the record, he self-weaned three days ago at 14 1/2 months. Lastly, here is a video a MAN made about the facebook ban. It is a riot!!!

I guess I have a different take on things. I support laws that allow nursing in public. I am the mommy of an "almost" exclusively breastfed baby (except for the BM/formula mix he got day 1 and 2 in the NICU and a 24 hour attempt to get him unstrapped from that crazy jaundice bed). I have certainly nursed in public. And I have nursed in front of my male and female OBs and pediatricians.

Still, I appreciate a doctor asking if I'm decent. It has nothing, in my mind, to do with nursing my baby. I want what can be covered to be covered. If I'm nursing, then "decent" means not totally topless. If I'm not nursing, decent might mean the sheet covers my lower half. Either way, I appreciate the courteous chance to pull on a sheet if I want to.

I didn't even notice that you posted a nursing picture. I just thought "oh she's so cute" and didn't even pay attention to the baby at your boob. Scandalous!

And what better place to do it than a restaurant?

Feeding your kid is feeding your kid. Period.

I just stumbled upon your blog and I think I love you! FINALLY, someone who tells it like it is! Motherhood is so great a lot of the time, but you don't often hear anyone publicly talking about the reality of how it REALLY is. Its been a while since I was a nursing mommy, but I feel your pain. I remember pumping at work every few hours. That had its own whole set of issues. People complaining about all of my "breaks", the loud, loud pump, etc...

Thanks for the laugh, I'll check back often!

I find it funny that a nipple is so weird for people, when you see them on Prime time television all the dang time. Plus, don't we all have them? What's so weird about it?

Love that picture by the way.

As a former (and hopefully future again) breastfeeder I have to say BRAVO for this post!! I couldn't agree more!

My son was a "throw up the blanket and stop nursing to look around" type kid, so I didn't nurse much when we were out and about.

But I'm glad to live in Seattle, where no one really thinks much of it and wouldn't have cared if I did nurse him in public. Good for you for blogging about this!

I think I have breastfed just about everywhere and I have yet to recieve a nasty comment. With that said, I totally agree with you. Can we, also, outlaw the bitches that use the only large stall, where a mom with a stroller will fit to go pee, as their own personal dressing room/office? Maybe that one is just really personal.

move to California! :) I pretty much ignored any stink eye I might have received while out in public anyway, but honestly, I didn't really get anyone looking twice! There are more and more women (thank goodness!) who are finally feeling ok (again?) at breastfeeding in public. And, since it's legally allowed in CA, there's really not much anyone can do about it anyway. ;-)

That's funny. I remember getting asked why I wasn't breast feeding my first when we were out in public (I stopped for medical reasons).

oh, good grief. we are mammals. babies breast feed. freaking puritans! I was asked once while nursing my baby in an airport restaurant if i could please do "THAT" in the bathroom. Well, I exploded and started yelling at that horrible woman to go eat her dinner in the bathroom and then I went all the way to the owner of the restaurant and demanded an apology and cited the 3 laws in that state that protected my right to breastfeed without harrassment. Lets just say that WOMAN wont be telling any other BF'ing mamas to go into a freaking bathroom. I'll nurse anywhere also- its not my responsibility to deal with other peoples psycho issues about boobs. We are named "mammal" because we breastfeed. sheesh

Hell, I've made the doctor at the after hours clinic (not our normal pediatrician) examine my 2 1/2 year old WHILE he nursed.
And nursed him in the dentist chair after he had oral surgery (broke two teeth on tile floor), and in the recovery room at the hospital after having his tonsils out. And at my doctor appointments, and therapists appts., though one therapist was rather uncomfortable with it--so I stopped seeing her. The other therapist, he'd pop off my boob to flirt with her...and laugh and latch back on...
I guess maybe the people in my town are more pro breastfeeding.
Perhaps you need to find a new doctor.
But it WAS a little weird for my husband the first time a mommy friend of mine started nursing in front of him--he said later he wasn't sure if he was supposed to leave the room, or just ignore it--he just ignored it, which I think is what most of us want.

Amen! I'm breastfeeding my first child right now, who is 4 1/2 months old. I've been shocked how flustered it makes people when I breastfeed in front of them. My poor father-in-law acts like I'm completely nude, even with a cover on! And if I feed in front of family, they act like I'm not in the room. In the nursery at church, people were all "I don't need to be in here while you're doing THAT." Again I was covered. Oh well, maybe it's because I live in the South. Whatever, it's not going stop me. :)

ha! don't get me started on this. I'm still cracking up that your doctor asked if you were decent. WTF! He's a doctor. What does he care? That's odd.

This has been my policy since I was 20 and had my first while still in college. I took her to classes with me and nursed her during lectures--you should've seen the vortex of emptiness around me, everyone avoiding the freak with the baby. Interestingly, it was the women who were MOST offended, while the men were fascinated. Of course, they were college-age guys, who will do anything for a glimpse of boob, so this may not be the most accurate sample set for an anthropological study. But still.

Whenever visiting the inlaws I was banished to a back room with Bub to nurse. They would always tell me to "hurry back" because, of course, they wanted to see the baby. I took a book with me and took my sweet time. They wouldn't dare interrupt to see what was taking so long.

I posted a blog about that Facebook bullshit.


I wasn't even involved in the virtual nurse-in (my facebook account consists mostly of coworkers and I'd like to be seen as more than an activist mother when I'm up for my next promotion) but I get stinkin'-mad when I hear about people being "bothered" by seeing breastfeeding.

Well, I'm offended by formula-feeding. Should I harass those mothers in public? Didn't think so. Idjits.

You are awesome.

One time I tried to breastfeed in front of my dad. . . he did his best impersonation of an owl trying to turn his head all the way around so as not to catch a glimpse of, well, nothing. He left about a minute later too.

The whole attitude about breastfeeding really sucks because I remember in those first few months I was so starved for human conversation. When you have to feed your child every two hours you sometimes just want someone to talk to you a bit -- not run away in fear of a dang nipple.

I think that it is a shame that people have such a problem with breastfeeding in public. I never had the problem because I had to pump. (my son wouldn't latch on right) But, I would never say anything to anyone about someone BF in public. And it makes me mad that you can't go to a movie without seeing boobs all over the screen, you can't go out to eat without seeing some girls ass hanging out, but it is a sin to BF in public. What the hell?

I've nursed in public all over the world, and the only place I've been given any shit about it was St. Thomas, of all places. I said to the security guard (in the court house, where we'd gone to get the bride and groom's marriage license), "You can see more on the beach down the street than I'm showing right now!"

I really think it's not about the boobies, or the nudity, but the exchange of bodily fluids. We've had it hammered into our heads since the early 1980s that exchanging bodily fluids is BAD and DANGEROUS and GROSS, and I think it just weirds people out, even though on some level they know that 1) it's healthy, and 2) that's what boobies are for.

I told people, "My daughter has a condition that requires her to breastfeed --- she's a mammal!"

People don't realize it, but they'd really rather see a woman quietly, modestly, unobtrusively nursing than hear a hungry baby crying to be fed.

Keep on fighting!

I'm glad to see other people so proud to breastfeed, especially in public!

I will never be one of those people who feels that they should breastfeed in a washroom. I am proud to do it and have the opinion that it is the other person's problem. My child has the right to feed in public!

Thanks for this post.

Amen Sister! I'm a proud nursing mama! I'm with you, I'll stop NIP when they ban some of that Ugly Ass crap they call high fashion!

I actually had to look twice after I got to the end of your post to even notice that you're breastfeeding there! You're right, far more offensive shit goes on in restaurants than breastfeeding, for crying out loud.

This is one of my huge soapbox issues. I nurse anywhere and everywhere; oddly enough, the only time I've ever been made to feel uncomfortable was in church this past weekend (of all places!!!), and that's over the course of 3 and a half years of nursing.

I LOVE the photo you posted. I nurse like that a lot, too (standing, that is). You look *fabulous*!

Damn straight!!

I think you're right... People associate breasts with sex and for them to see a baby getting nutrition from it is creepy in their mind. They don't want to be reminded that breasts aren't just for fun.

So screw them all and whip it out! I would, if I could. :)

For healthcare professionals it comes down to one word. . . "lawsuits." All it takes is one glimpse at a nipple and a woman freaking out at her doctor staring at her and it's malpractice city.

Indecency is subjective and victim to the "I know it when I see it" judgement. To a lot of people (myself included) breastfeeding is a beautiful, natural thing. . . so is sex. Banning it effects the banned way more than allowing it would effect the offended. The people with a problem are the same people fighting so hard to end gay marriage, the right to choose, and pornography. They believe allowing something that makes them uncomfortable compromises their values.

I say allow it all.

Oh, how am I not sitting in jail somewhere. I breastfed all three of my kids, two of which are twins. Yes, that means I was totally exposed for DOUBLE the amount of time. Oooooo! The only time I ever felt uncomfortable was right after I had the boys and I was pumping my milk (they were in NICU and for the first couple of weeks being fed by an NG tube). As I sat in my room, both boobs hooked up to that industrial sized pump they provide in the hospital, my doctor came in for a chat. Kinda awkward as I had nowhere to really go with the girls, but he had also been elbow deep in my twat taking the kidlets out a few days before, so, whatever.

You go girl! I breastfed both my children and was far more comfortable nursing in public with baby #2 than baby #1. There is some skill involved with being discreet, comfortable and efficient. But, once those skills are acquired, have at it. My husband had a bigger issue with nursing in public than I did. I support any nursing mom and would come to her defense if anyone was to give her a hard time for nursing in public.

I’ve heard the US is a bit uptight about nudity in general. Poor you. Come to Norway, here you can breastfeed all you like, everywhere you’d like:)

I find it so hard to believe that this is still such a problem. It's a breast. It's there to feed a baby. Admittedly they're also fun to play with. But their primary purpose is to nourish a baby.

I think I've come to conclusion that I don't care if it makes someone uncomfortable. I nursed both of my kids, anywhere and everywhere. As far as I'm concerned, feeding my kid trumpts someone's discomfort with it, EVERYTIME.

Oh geez. I breastfed both my babies all over the world - Germany (where we lived with #1), London, Prague, Rome, various states in the US, and in Japan (where we live now). Not to mention in a military airport surrounded by lots and lots of young men. (Yeah, we're military.) And by far, the least breastfeeding-friendly country of all those was the US.

I've nursed in restaurants, on airplanes, in stores, in my daughter's preschool, at my husband's office, and at the doctor's office. In front of men and women. I never flashed anyone, but I probably wouldn't have cared if I had, because I was feeding my babies. And that's all that mattered.

I live in England. Breastfeeding in public, no matter how discreetly, is not a protected status. You can be arrested! Some retailers, the sort which cater to mums or are U.S. based, often provide space for feeding away from the main area & won't hassle you if you're seated elsewhere. However, if another customer chooses to be horribly offended, that customer can call the police. Though unless they respond extremely promptly, they likely won't arrive in time to see your exposed boob, so won't do anything.

Scotland is more enlightened, & has legislation protecting the right of infants to be fed anywhere. It is an offense to interfere with a feeding infant. I like how they frame it from the baby's point of view, don't you?

I breastfed both of my kids, and I see no reason not to feed them whenever and where ever you need to. You're right, MOST nursing moms hardly show any t&a.

As for Facebook, from what I've seen, they're banning pics that were flagged by other members. They don't look at pics unless they're flagged. And the ones I've see that were banned, I wouldn't want to see either. Congrats to you if you breastfeed, but I don't need to see you in your panties only with a kid hanging off each boob tyvm. If you want to get even with Facebook, start flagging all the drunken and slutty pics the college kids put up too.

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