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January 09, 2009


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Beautiful baby girl! Grandma, too!

One of my favorite passages from a book, and I'll paraphrase b/c I can't remember it word for word:
"In her eyes, I see my past, present and future."
I love looking in my daughter's eyes :-)

wow, the three of you look so much alike!

How wonderful!

beautiful girl and yes, i do see the resemblance.

That is amazing. The eyes really pull all three pictures together (since your bio pic is right next to them).

Your mom has some mighty strong DNA passing down the generations.

how cute!

Margot is beautiful.

It's funny how she looks like my three month old, too. No longer a newborn but not quite a baby yet, if you know what I mean.

You have a commenter named "Wookie"! That's scary. My parents' dog is named Wookie, and it can't type for shit. In fact, it can't put a coherent thought together on a keyboard.

In any event, glad all is well after 3 months and that you get to see your Ma (sorta) regularly.

Your mom OR you.

you incubated a mini-me!

Or you......

OMG she looks just like you AND your mom!

you should do a 3 generations pic with both your daughters =)

Oh she's like a mini-her. They are both beautiful. I have been thinking she looked so much like you.

Harrison looks just like my FIL. It's kinda weird, since my husband doesn't. Genes are a funny thing.

Awwwww you are all so beautiful! Love Margot's smile!

Gorg. All of you.

Ohhhhh...I love when resemblances are so evident.

What a gorgeous girl you've got. Not to mention a beautiful mom.

Aww, she is precious! Good job! Definite resemblance there. I always found it interesting how you could end up with a kid that resembled one of your parents so uncannily.

All 3 of you are gorgeous! Quinlan too!

I'm thinkin a black and white portrait of all three.. the resemblance is uncanny.
To say that baby is precious then, is to say that all of you are??

Isn't it a trip? Three months? That girl will be rolling under the couch in no time!

It's the eyes that clinch the deal. Uncanny how much all of you resemble each other.

And those two photos line up right next to yours! Amazing. You all look alike!

WOW - you and your mom both have the same exact smile. Your daughter is such a ham, look at that open mouth smile. BEAUTIFUL.

All 3 of you look so much alike!!!

that's uncanny!

I'm supposed to be getting the boys ready for school but had to click on you to see your beautiful little girl.

The resemblance is amazing! And that smile kills me.

Wow. That's striking. It's amazing how much all three of you look alike. Margot's beautiful, Kristen.

Wow - what a resemblance!

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