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December 23, 2008


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*shakes head* I don't understand men.

And they think we're the weird ones.

Painting the dining room? Sheesh. He needs a lesson in priorities someday.

I'm relieved to see there's nothing serious with Q's ears. Trying to seek out antibiotics on Christmas Eve would be a bitch.

Hope you find a chance to relax over the next few days. You deserve it.

Heh - we outsourced the painting too.Scheduled painters on the coldest day we've had so far this year, cracked open the windows in the nursery, bedroom and living room and cranked the furnace up.

Two problems solved by throwing money at them. Voila.

Glad you're feeling better - and Yay for Chinese food. And I still stand by the hot lemon and honey (and rum if you so wish) for the sore throat. Think of the rum as a disinfectant for your throat (alcohol is a disinfectant).

Glad to hear things are getting better and Quinlan's ear isn't so bad. What's up with painting right before Christmas? Eh, whatever, there's nothing like the smell of fresh paint at Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

I'm glad Quinlan's ears aren't going to be as big a concern.

Merry Christmas, my friend, to all five of you.

Glad the ears weren't anything more serious. You'd think by now someone would send a manual with these kids when we have them. Or at least have the decency to start making kids the same so we can use what we learn on the first ones on the following models. Hope everyone's on the mend. Now please pass the Nyquil.

I'm glad that Quinlan's ear isn't so bad, but I'm also glad to see you sounding a bit better too.

Don't beat yourself up for needing to run away now and then (and wanting to more often than that). Tell your husband that if the baby is just crying because she won't take a bottle, he can suck it up and deal, dont' call you. Enjoy that take-out when you do get it and do whatever it takes to make your life easy for a bit!

oh, good. now, do you think that Hylands earache tablets would work on me? contraindicated with Nyquil? Vodka?

Hey, we atheists are busy too. Right after I finish slaughtering this lamb, I'm going to paint the dining room.

Hooray for Chinese food (that you don't have to make or go get) and that Q's ear isn't anything serious! Happy Christmas Eve Eve!

We painted our living room last week and I'm still recovering, trying to rearrange. Day before Christmas Eve, nuts!

Happy Holidays!

Dude, we Jews are knee-deep in Hanukkah for the next five nights. Take your tales of woe to the Athiests - the solstice is over and they're doing squat.

(But seriously? Glad she's doing okay. Back to the latkes.)

Glad she's feeling better!

Glad you are feeling better too. See you just needed a little lift-me-up from your friends!


That's good news the day before Christmas Eve. Now she sure to hear all your "Santa's watching" warnings.

I heart your blog. I just foung it yesterday and YAY me...I will have lots to read to catch up!

I am glad to hear it is nothing mroe serious with Q's ears. Enjoy your Chinese...yummmmmmmm!

I meant to tell you, but M's ears get all weird with weather changes. Like sinus pressure or something and she suddenly can't hear. What mommy, what? Gets old, but it's generally nothing.

Painting two days before Christmas? Dude must be ADHD. Maybe you should go get food and leave him with the kids?

I'm so glad that things are getting better. Manipulation is a surefire sign that they're on the mend.

What the hell is your husband doing painting the dining room? I mean, that's great, it's a good thing to do. Maybe Christmas morning might be a better time to finish it up..... Right when the kids want to open presents... ;)

Hooray! I tried my hardest to post to you yesterday, but Typepad was being bitchy to me for some reason.

Glad to hear Q's all good with the ear.

Now go drink! :)

glad to hear (ark ark) that is twerent much Garlic oil with willowbark. Couple drops in each ear seems to ward off the ear nasties quickly and make your kid smell like a delectable dinner roll

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